So You Want To Edit HUMBUG Pages

Firstly, you need to join up and then secondly you need to learn how to edit pages. The information below should get you started.

Joining Up

You're a paid member of HUMBUG or you have been asked by HUMBUG to join. So what do you do? It's simple: up in the top left hand corner you should see the word login. Click that. Then you should see in blue "you can create one now". Click on that. It will ask you a few questions. Username, password that kinda thing. What then happens is the HUMBUG Exec gets an email telling them of your request to join. Once they have okayed you, you can then login and edit pages on this website.

What to Do?

When you edit a wiki it becomes a public document. As a result nearly all our pages are open to anyone that wants to view them and as many as possible, from HUMBUG, to edit them. This means you need to take care with what you edit and your own use of language. So what should I do to edit pages. Best time to do it is at one of the general meeting. There a member of the Exec should be able to quickly organise a login.