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HUMBUG is a Unix (*BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.) and Open Source user group that meets fortnightly at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Have a look at the About page for further details.

Unix and Linux (which is Unix like) are Operating Systems (OS for short). Some of these, including Linux, can be downloaded for free and installed on almost any type of personal computer. For more information on what Unix/Linux is, see Unix101.

Humbug's mailings lists are available for anyone to join. Please be careful about what you post as this is a public forum. For information about how to use the mailing lists and which ones you should join please go to the membership page.

Upcoming Meetings

Our standard meetings are every second Saturday at the University of Queensland.

Standard Meetings

Meetings are held fortnightly on Saturdays from 3pm until midnight unless an exec member determines that the meeting should be closed earlier. See Meetings for a complete list of future meeting dates and general meeting information. All meetings except those noted will occur at University of Queensland, St Lucia on Saturday afternoons beginning at 3pm. See below for up and coming meetings.





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General Purpose South (Building 78)






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Need a map of the Campus? Go here.


Talks and presentations will take place between 6pm and 7pm on the night. For a list of past talks, along with their links and relevant info, please click on Talks. If you have an Open Source/Unix topic that you would like to give a talk about click on Talks for what you need to know about giving HUMBUG a talk.

Mailing Lists

Our Mailing Lists are used to help new users and to announce up and coming events.

Resources & Special Interest Groups

For those people new to Unix, we have a collection of links to useful resources, together with helpful tips for new Unix users as well as links to HUMBUG's special interest groups.


We now have our rooms all booked for the next 6 months. I would like to thank ITS for their support in obtaining the facilities.

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Hi. We the HUMBUG exec are feeling quite lonesome. We need some company. If you're a financial member of HUMBUG, or one of our many past members, please join us here on your website. It's quite easy and once you do you will be able to help us develop and maintain it. To do so, all you need to do is join up to the website. See Help on joining for further help.

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See Planet HUMBUG for more news and stories.

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