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   1 From: Russell Stuart <russell-humbug@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
   2 To: Mark Looi <m.looi@xxxxxxxxxx>, Jared Ring <jring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   3 Subject: Status of LCA 2009 bid
   4 Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 10:41:31 +1000
   6 Mark & Jared,
   8 Time is marching on, and I am feeling the pressure to get a
   9 things resolved.  Things like venues for other events and
  10 budgets.  To start work of those things I to know the
  11 venue for the event.
  13 So how are things progressing?  Jared told me you had the
  14 accommodation problem licked, but said you were having
  15 trouble finding a room large enough to hold the entire
  16 mob.  A Humbug member who attends QUT checked it out and
  17 said the largest room available at QUT help approx 500.  
  18 500 is I suspect too small.  (Canberra limited their intake
  19 to 500 in 2005, and had to turn people away).  However
  20 there are probably ways around this - video link ups to 
  21 other rooms, or the Entertainment Centre or even clever 
  22 use of an outdoor area.
  24 In the mean time I have held a talk at Humbug to get 
  25 the project launched.  A wiki has been set up:
  27 to help us organise the bid, and Humbug members are 
  28 beginning to give suggestions, make offers of help and
  29 ask questions.  Politically, things have to start
  30 moving along now.
  32 Details I would really like from QUT are:
  34   - Theatres for the talks.  I think you have this sorted.
  35     Could I get details (rooms and capacity)?
  37   - Accommodation.  I gather you now have this sorted as
  38     well.  What are the details?
  40   - Large theatre for the keynotes.  I gather this is an
  41     issue.  What options do you have?  Should Humbug be 
  42     looking around to find other possible venues for the 
  43     keynotes?
  45   - Registration desk, admin hidey hole.  This a central 
  46     desk attendees can find the "people in charge", and 
  47     some private area the organisers can get piece and
  48     quiet to organise fire fighting.
  50   - Costings.  What will the above cost us?  What funds
  51     can QUT provide.
  53   - A firm 'yes' :)
  55 They are the major items that have to be finalised soon.
  56 Other things you may be able to assist with are:
  58   - Venue for the professional delegates session.  This is a
  59     a room for the evening, typically standing only, good 
  60     quality finger food & drinks (wine & beer) provided, approx
  61     400 people.  In your case the venue would showcase the
  62     Uni.  As I recall you had something in mind.  Previous
  63     venues have been science centres, castles, museums.
  65   - Catering for between talks.  This is typically coffee and
  66     associated finger food.  There are around 7 talks a day,
  67     creating 5 catered breaks.
  69   - Venue for open day.  Only requirements are that it be
  70     covered and largish, with tables, power provided for the 
  71     exhibits.
  73   - Publishing facilities.  A means of producing booklets, A4
  74     sheets, laminated notices and other stuff required for
  75     organising conferences.
  77   - Again, costings for the above.
  79 Finally, is there a time when we can get together and put
  80 this to bed?  Its needs to be within the next week or two.
  82 --
  83 Regards,
  84 Russell Stuart
  85 +61 438 805 133

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