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   1 From: Jared Ring <>
   2 To: russell-humbug@xxxxxx.xx.xx
   3 Subject: QUT's Committment to LCA 2009
   4 Cc:
   5 Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 17:07:35 +1000
   7 Hi Russell
   9 Here is the details of what QUT is preparing to commit too. Written,
  10 signed letter of committal is coming.
  12 5 days of room hire (assuming all rooms are in house at QUT)
  13 	( I will enquire about 5.5 days )
  14 Catering for refreshments between sessions
  15 AV Support for all Lectures + Video Linkups for the Keynotes (Requires
  16 QUT AV Staff be present)
  17 General Venue Management:
  18 	Directional Signage
  19 	Office/Reception Counter (Not Staffed)
  20 	Phone/Network Access for Conference Admins
  21 Agreement to continue liaising with UQ Colleges on LCA's Behalf
  22 Agreement to Continue liaising with BCC on LCA's Behalf
  23 Provide a suitable venue for the professional network session and/or
  24 speakers dinner (TBA)
  26 Commitment Coming on:
  27 Network Connectivity. Final say from this will come from central IT
  28 services. I spoke with one of the IT security guys and he said for
  29 something of this size it will need to goto Management. He will try and
  30 get the nod for me by Friday. But given that QUT senior management is
  31 all away on a retreat at the moment, this may not happen.
  33 Cheers
  35 Jared

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