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   1 From: "Sam Moffatt" <pasamio@gmail.xxxx>
   2 To: "Russell Stuart" <russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx>
   3 Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 15:54:45 +1000
   4 Subject: Re: Humbug's bid for 2010
   6 Hi Russell,
   8 More than interested in getting LCA back into the better part of the
   9 world. I've expanded it a bit, attached is a PDF and original so if
  10 you feel like culling stuff you can. This year we ran a JoomlaDay in
  11 Melbourne on the Saturday of LCA which attracted 135 people to the
  12 University of Melbourne. I've applied to do some tutorials and a
  13 Joomla! miniconf/JoomlaDay at LCA2009, not sure if I'll get them or
  14 not but I'll defnitely be there so we can catch up with things there.
  15 I'm sure we could also work on a JoomlaDay for LCA2010 and work out
  16 how to best handle that in the long run.
  18 Someone you might be able to contact who might be interested in giving
  19 some support is Steve Tempest <Steve.Tempest@gts.apn.xxxx>. APN do
  20 some Linux stuff though I'm not entirely certain to which extent
  21 they've got things running. You'd have to check with them to see how
  22 it goes.
  24 You may also want to grab Scott Barnett (scott@strongholdcms.xxxx) if
  25 you haven't already, he's written Stronghold
  26 ( and runs a company called Driea
  27 ( and was a sponsor for LCA08 as well. I don't
  28 have a better email floating about at the moment but that should get
  29 you there. He was working at Townsville Regional Council so you might
  30 be able to track him down there. He may not respond (think he's a part
  31 of OSIA) but you never know your luck.
  33 Cheers,
  35 Sam
  38 On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Russell Stuart <russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx> wrote:
  39 > Sam,
  40 >
  41 > I am organising Humbug's bid to hold the Linux Conference Australia for
  42 > 2010 in Brisbane.  I am after expressions of support for our bid from
  43 > the local open source community here in Brisbane.  So far I can't say I
  44 > have had much success, but Andrew Eddie suggested I contact you.
  45 >
  46 > As you may be aware Humbug bid last year for 2009, but lost.  I am not
  47 > sure why - I suspect it was mostly a matter of it being "Hobart's Turn".
  48 > By its nature - Brisbane is Brisbane, the bid hasn't changed much for
  49 > this year, which is a worry.  We again have the backing of QUT - they
  50 > are supplying a venue and have given generous offers for various
  51 > logistical items.  In terms of what we put on the table, and in the
  52 > planning we had done I think it one of the best bids ever put in for
  53 > LCA, but then I thought that last year too.  Thus this push to add a bit
  54 > of extra pizazz.
  55 >
  56 > So I set about trying to get expressions of interest by sending a subtle
  57 > emailing the 18 Queensland members of the Open Source Industry
  58 > Association.  I didn't get a single response.  A sparrow farting in the
  59 > woods would have generated more noise.
  60 >
  61 > So I am trying again - this time with people Arjen Lentz and Andrew
  62 > Eddie suggested.  And rather than being subtle I have attached a sample
  63 > reply, which has been customised to Sam Moffatt Consulting.  At a
  64 > minimum all you have to do is send it back to me.  It probably would be
  65 > better if you converted it to a read only format first (eg PDF), and
  66 > even better if you read it and fixed up my mistakes.
  67 >
  68 > Anyway, regardless of what you decide, thanks for taking the time to
  69 > read this far.
  70 >
  71 >
  72 > --
  73 > Regards,
  74 > Russell Stuart
  75 > Humbug's LCA 2010 Bid Organiser
  76 > Phone: 0438 805 133
  77 >
  78 > PS.  Here is Humbug's bid submission for LCA 2010:
  79 >

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