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   1 From: "Leslie Hawthorn" <lhawthorn@google.xxxx>
   2 To: russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx
   3 Cc: "Sam Moffatt" <pasamio@gmail.xxxx>
   4 Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 18:06:56 -0700
   5 Subject: Humbug's bid for LCA 2010
   7 Hi Russell,
   9 I recently attended the Open Source Developers Conference 2007 in Brisbane
  10 and chose this conference as the location to launch Google's newest Open
  11 Source initiative for pre-university students, the Google Highly Open
  12 Participation Contest. I'm writing in support of Brisbane's bid as the site
  13 location for LCA 2010.
  15 As a city, Brisbane has much to recommend in terms of parks and things to
  16 see about town. There are several excellent coffee shops, as well, which is
  17 a much if you're hosting a conference for hackers. The town also offers a
  18 wide range of lodging options so that speakers and other VIPs who expect a
  19 more upscale experience will be well served. The same observation is true in
  20 the case of restaurants and pubs, offering a wide range of options for all
  21 tastes and budgets.
  23 However, as much as all the details made my visit to Brisbane fantastic, the
  24 Open Source community members in the area were the real draw. Folks like
  25 Elspeth Thorne, Stephen Thorne, Arjen Lentz, Andrew Eddie, plus the good
  26 folks at Brisbane PHP, and the list goes on. Hosting in their 'home town'
  27 ensures that all of your attendees will be welcomed with good conversation
  28 with locals who are both knowledgeable and personable,
  30 Cheers,
  31 LH

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