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   1 From: Russell Stuart <russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx>
   2 To: Sia Glover <splatsis@brisbanemarketing.xxxx>
   3 Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:20:26 +1000
   4 Subject: RE: Ideas for Humbug's 2010 LCA bid
   6 On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 17:49 +1000, Sia Glover wrote: 
   7 > Regarding the "Speakers Dinner": yes we can help with 
   8 > proposals etc., and can definitely come up with a real '"wow" concept.  
  10 Wow is good.
  12 > Do you have any other specifics on this event?  Specifically: format 
  13 > of the night (dinner? Cocktails & canap├ęs? Presentations? Music? 
  14 > Entertainment?), timing (what day / time?), set-up (tables of 10?), 
  15 > and any other info which may assist us in getting relevant proposals.
  17 Sit down dinner.  Some speeches, but no other entertainment from what I
  18 gather.  Tables of 10 is good.  Alcohol consisted of bottles of red &
  19 white wine on the table - unlimited supply.
  21 > Yes the Maritime Museum is still alive / open.  Was this for the
  22 > Speaker's dinner or something else?  Can I chase them up for you?
  24 Its OK.  It turns out the girl who answers their emails
  25 is sick.  I prodded them and the CEO replied.
  27 > Also.....did we need Letters of Support (government) this time 
  28 > around?  We should be OK getting one from the Lord Mayor, but I 
  29 > don't like our chances of getting one from the Premier at such 
  30 > short notice.  Let me know....
  32 Yes please.  The first submission is due on the 29th, but the
  33 final submission is due on the 15th of September.  Does that
  34 give you enough time?
  36 > I'm out of the office next mon-weds, so will chat to you after
  37 >  your meeting on 23 August.
  39 That should not be a problem.  I will just assume the Speakers
  40 Dinner will be sorted by you.  I need an all-up price per head.
  42 If the venue ends up being in the city it would be nice if we 
  43 could take the LA there and have the staff do a sell job on 
  44 them, should LA fly up to check out our bid.  Can the venue if
  45 that will be possible?

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