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   1 Humbug, a computer club that meets fortnightly at UQ, is holding a
   2 competition for Brisbane Uni Students.  The prizes are 3 free student
   3 tickets to LCA 2011.
   5 If you don't know much about LCA and are wondering if it is worth
   6 attending try clicking this link:
  10 Linux Conference Australia is one of the, if not the, greatest gathering
  11 on the planet of people who love playing with computers for their own
  12 sake.  If you are the sort of person who thinks that getting paid to do
  13 that is an added bonus, you should thinking about how to be there.
  15 Here are some snippets from the schedule that will give you a flavour of
  16 what it is about:
  18     * Day long mini conferences, one featuring launching a rocket
  19       you will build on the day.
  21     * Some keynotes, such as one from Mark Pesce talking about 
  22       something he co-invented - Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML).
  24     * Growing food using open source (hacking in your garden with 
  25       an Arduino).
  27     * Machine learning - using statistical models to find 
  28       patterns in data.
  30     * Prototyping of physical objects at home using multi-axis 
  31       CNC milling machines.
  33     * Firewalling using OpenBSD (as found in iStuff).
  35     * Building the worlds first infrastructure-independent mesh 
  36       mobile telephony system.
  38     * Social events such as the unprofessional delegates networking
  39       session, competitions, and free food to encourage schmoozing 
  40       during the breaks.
  42     * Finishing with an Open day, where we fill a building with 
  43       open source projects. 
  45 And that is just the start.  There are over 100 talks and events, and
  46 around 700 other people like you will be there.  A fair number will fly
  47 in from overseas to attend.
  49 Almost all of this will be free for you to pick and choose between if
  50 you win.  To find out more, visit the competition web page:
  54 Entry is easy - involving not much more than turning up to a Humbug
  55 meeting.

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