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The President, Brent Wesley, opened the meeting with quorum at 6:00pm and took up the chair.


The President reported that Linux continued to grow and the club along with it. He reported that he would not be standing for re-election. (He did however stay on as Chairman of the meeting.)

The Vice President, Robert Brockway, had nothing to report but publicly thanked Brent Wesley for his years of service as President, to applause from the assembly. The Secretary, Raymond Smith, reported on the ongoing work with the HUMBUG web-site, and the ongoing work with the Membership Database.

The Treasurer, Mark Suter, reported an account balance of between three thousand and four thousand dollars. The only significant spending in the year had been on repairs to Caliburn and a new switch for meetings.

Fiona McRae, from the floor, asked after membership numbers. The Secretary reported that the numbers were around 110 at last count, although he did not have an exact count at the time.

Fiona then asked after moves towards incorporation. The short answer is that we haven't quite made it. Membership fee will need to increase to cover insurance costs. There was a general feeling from the club executive that it would happen. It was noted that a general rewrite of the club's constitution would be required for us to meet Department of Fair Trading rules.

The Librarian, David Makepeace, reported no change in holdings and that we would renew our subscription to the Linux Journal.


Brent Wesley passed the Chair to the Vice President following club practice.

Mark Suter was then passed the Chair by Robert Brockway.

General Business

1.Jason Parker asked what arrangements were in place for .humbug.org.au now that Bruce Campbell had left the country for another job. Robert answered that we were running on one machine, caliburn, and called for assistance with new machines to allow continuous service.

1. Fiona MacRae asked after the arrangements regarding the PO Box. (HUMBUG and Bruce Campbell have shared the same PO Box for some time.) Raymond answered that the box was fully paid until April next year. We would be seeking a letter of authority from Bruce to allow us to operate the PO Box.

1. Mathew Taylor asked about the possibility of a position of 'Training Manager' to oversee training for the club. Robert Brockway agreed this was an excellent idea and nominated Mathew. Mark Suter used his powers under the constitution to create the position during the meeting.


Fiona McRae raised the issue of people looking at pornography during meetings. Her concern is that while it does not bother her it would tarnish the image of the club in the eyes of the general public. She was also concerned that it would open the club up to charges of harassment. Robert Brockway agreed wholeheartedly and pointed out that access to the Internet at meetings was a privilege not a right. If people use it for porn, then that was outside the University's terms and conditions and so the exec would revoke network access. Brent Wesley noted that the same was true for Warez, non-UNIXen, etc. Mark emphasised the role of University Policy. Noted that things should be Fun in a professional way.

Fiona was still concerned and so Mark Suter asked her to propose a suitable motion. Steve McIntyre shared her concerns and offered his view as a gay man.

Debate continued for some time. Clinton Roy question the need for such a motion given existing powers. Jason Parker raised the issue of deciding what was and was not porn. The debate again devolved and finally Raymond Smith moved and Robert Brockway seconded that "the motion be put".

The amended motion passed 11 for to 5 against.

Close of Meeting

Ben Fowler asked for input regarding talks to be sent to talks@humbug.org.au. Raymond Smith made a call for input into the club.

The meeting closed at 7:15pm.