The President, Mark Suter, opened the meeting with quorum at 6:14pm and took up the chair.


Greg blacked moved that the minutes from the last AGM be accepted; David Seikel seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously by a show of hands.


President's Report

The President, Mark Suter, reported that the only major news this year was the changes to room bookings. UQ's Room Bookings group had an auditor go through during the year who found that HUMBUG did not fit into any acceptable category and would have to start paying for the rooms it used. We explored options including paying for the rooms ourselves, and various other possibilities. In the end ITS came to the table on our behalf. The main change that this means is that if there is another event clashing, such as tournament of the minds, we will cancel the meeting rather than negotiate access as we have done in the past. This is because we do not want to wear our our welcome with ITS.

Byron asked could we not move the room venue? Mark answered that it was a matter of keeping the least hassle for ITS. We will provide them with six-months worth of room bookings. If we had some particular date that we really wanted a meeting then we might ask them again, perhaps offer explicit sponsorship. Raymond Smith added that typically we are blocked out because of large events such as ToM or Exams that book the whole University.

The upside of this is that we can do something different and social. Mark introduced Sarah Hollings as the 'Event Coordinator'. She is organising a Xmas event. We are looking at social events.

David Seikel asked, 'For the last two months only one meeting a month. Is this because of ITS?'. Mark responded that it was because we happened to have two events block us in a row.

Byron asked if the arrangement with Internet Access would be the same? Mark answered that it would be.

Vice President's Report

Clinton reported that he had even less to say than the president as, with such a competent and omnipresent president there was very little too do. He spent the year acting as check and balance on the executive. The good news was no hardware failures and all the executive have done a great job. It was very scary when we did not have a room booking. He stressed that being Vice-President was a very easy post. He then asked for questions and received applause for brevity.

Secretary's Report

Raymond reported that it had been a fairly quiet year sans room bookings. He gave a short description of Linux Australia, the national linux group, and how he had been interacting with them on HUMBUG's behalf. HUMBUG had sixty-eight financial members as at the AGM. There were no questions.

Treasurer's Report

Mathew Sellers gave the Treasurer's report for two years. In 2001 - 2002, we took in $1796 in memberships. Our major costs were $814.00 for the switch, $41.50 for the PO Box, and $73.00 for a gift to Bruce Campbell for services such as Zerglal and other things. The major expenditure was the linux.conf.au $1019.00 primarily due to bookings that did not go through. For the full year we lost $154.00.

In 2002 - 2003, we took in ??? in memberships. We did not have as many costs. Highlights were @242.00 for a wireless access link, a new hard drive for hydra, new cash box, and a resubscription to the Linux Journal ($124.00 US). We finished the year with a surplus of $1024.63 and cash in the bank of $4158.00.

David Siekel asked whether the purchase of a new hard drive indicated some sort of hardware failure? The answer was that there were no hardware failures. The purchase of the drive was a preventative measure. There was some discussion of the general flakiness of hydra.

Librarian's Report

David Makepeace presented the Librarian's report. A SPARCstation was donated to the group by Tim Kent and being hosted by him. PI donated a large number of Linux Journals that were being thrown out.

When we loaned out Just for Fun, the person who borrowed it lost it! Scott (?) admitted it was he and said he was fairly certain it was in a box from when he last moved. Would return as soon as possible.

A fully inventory of Linux Journals needs to be completed.

There were also some minor additions of cables, etc to the hardware along with some cluster machines. Once completed, David planned to send an inventory on to the executive mailing list.


Timothy Hitchens moved motion to accept the reports; Raymond Smith seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a show of hands.

Nominations and Elections

Motions on Notice and General Business

Mark moved: That section 6a) of the constitution be amended to read: "The membership fee is $20.00 for one year or part thereof, and falls due the 31st day of August or the next AGM whichever is the latest."

The motion was seconded by Patrick Nichols Mark moved. Clinton Roy asked for the rationale for increasing membership fees. Mark outlined the two reasons: first it is a less confusing fee, and second that fees have remained static for just on eight years. The change was seen as preventative with respect to future costs. We have four grand in the bank, but we need to replace hydra, and there are other known expenses. Raymond mentioned the possibility of having to pay fees on rooms in the future, Mathew pointed out that if that had of happened we would have been unable to pay out of reserves within six months.

Someone from the floor asked about the effect of lack of tiered system. Would people still be inclined to join? Mark responded that we were looking at that as being a membership joining fee. Byron asked how many five and ten dollar memberships. Matthew could not answer. The motion was put and passed 33 in favour with 3 opposed.

As a follow-on Mark Suter moved that membership remain at $15.00 for people at the meeting that night. David Seikel seconded the motion. The motion was put and passed 23 in favour with 8 opposed.

Mark then moved and Raymond Smith seconded the second motion on notice, being: That section 6b) of the constitution be amended to read: "Membership fee changes shall be made by way of a majority vote at an SGM."

There was some discussion. Raymond opposed the motion because he felt it provided protection to club members. Clinton opposed the motion because we have never had problems with this provision. Mark pointed out that such a change would cause other constitutional problems. There was a discussion of what simple majority meant.

After some debate, Raymond moved that the motion be put and Greg Black seconded.

The motion was defeated 22 opposed, 7 for.

Mark then moved the third motion being: "That to remove any conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest, the membership of the club resolve that the partnership of Bruce Campbell, Raymond Smith, and Mark Suter (ABN 77 442 238 916) be compensated at cost for traffic charges incurred by HUMBUG equipment hosted by them on presentation of a valid Tax Invoice.

Clinton described the situation regarding traffic spikes due to apparent DoS attacks against caliburn. Raymond pointed out that the motion was being put because of the conflict of interest -- it was within the power of the executive to pay this money anyway. There was much discussion about exact cost (0.14 / incomming megabyte + $66.00 / RU / quarter). After this discussion, Clinton seconded the motion.

Ben Fowler pointed out maybe a co-host in US better solution. Timothy Hitchens pointed out DoS not covered by pricing. Could still go over 2Gb. Could still be charged. Discussion continued on hosting options. Finally, Ben Fowler moved that the motion be put; the motion was seconded by Greg Black seconds it. Mark, Raymond and Sarah did not count votes because of conflict of interest. Clinton Roy and Timothy Hitchens provided the count.

The motion passed 22 for with five abstentions (including Bruce Campbell (via proxy), Mark Suter, Raymond Smith, and Sarah Hollings).

There followed a motion from the floor. Paul Clarke moved That the partnership be reimbursed for the traffic spikes of August and September 2003 to the sum of $167.79 and $205.53 respectively.

Anthony Towns seconded the motion. Matthew Franklin asked if there were ways to prevent the traffic that was causing the problems. Mark answered that UQ can block the traffic, but we would still be paying for it. Pointed out that it is like SPAM, one has to receive it to identify it. Anthony asked that the motion be put; Ben Fowler seconded. The motion passed 20 for with seven abstentions (including Bruce Campbell (via proxy), Mak Suter, Raymond Smith, and Sarah Hollings).


As there was no further business the meeting closed.