Humbug Annual General Meeting September 2005

AGM Commenced at 6:01 PM

Item 1: Confirmation of 2004 AGM minutes.

Item 2: President's Report.

Not much has changed since last AGM: There was an issue involving meeting network traffic charges with UQ.UQ had sent us some bills for a substantial amount. The issue was resolved in a meeting with ITS at UQ. Club will have meeting bandwidth supplied in return for *NIX technical support on mailing lists for UQ staff and students, and for assistance maintaining UQs Computing Museum.

Item 3: Vice President's Report

Not much to add. Further clarification of meeting network traffic issues.

Item 4: Secretary's Report

Not much to add. Except for Issues mentioned, year uneventful.

Item 5: Treasurer's Report

We had two talks this year. Bank balance Approx $4500 Charges of Approx $150 web hosting charges (Humbug Website and Email)

Item 6: Executive Elections.

Outgoing Executive step down.

Item 7: General Business.

Question: Gary Curtis. “Has network access been resolved?” Answer: “Yes” Robert Brockway moves a motion congratulating outgoing executive on resolving the traffic issue. David Seikel seconds motion.Motion passed unanimously.

Timothy Hitchens Comments: Keep an eye out for sponsorship. The club should look out for sponsorship opportunities. Clinton Roy Comments: Congratulations to those involved in the Software Freedom Day activities. Robert Brockway Comments: Robert points out that HUMBUG is now at its Tenth Anniversary.

Question: Mark Ellem. “Will there be future Install fests?” Answers: Linux has gotten easier to install. There are public liability issues creating a barrier. In the past this was addressed by groups like Redhat. We may be able to hold special Distribution demo meetings, within the context of our normal meetings. Every meeting is an Install fest.

Meeting Closed.