HUMBUG AGM on 2007-09-08

(I will put editor comments in brackets.)

Meeting started at 18:02. Mark Suter, current president chairs. All executive members present. 29 financial members present and 7 proxies.

1. Confirmation of minutes of last AGM.

Motion - Raymond Smith to accept last AGM minutes, Andre Muys seconds. Unanimously passed.

2. Office bearers reports.

Raymond Smith moves to accept the reports, Stephen Thorne seconds. Unanimously passed.

3. Elections.

Unless otherwise stated, Mark Suter runs the elections.

4. Other business.

Raymond Smith moves a motion of thanks to Mark Suter for being HUMBUGs long time president, seconded by Peter Tiggerdine. Passed.

Clinton Roy reminds us about non elected positions.

Peter Tiggerdine asks about cross posting meeting announcements between SAGE-AU and HUMBUG announce list. Andre Muys wants to see it happen. No one objects.

Meeting closed at 18:42.