Event Coordinator Report

Event Coordinator: Matthew Franklin

I have been in charge of two main events over the AGM year. They have been the Christmas party and the Install fest.

Christmas Party

The Christmas party have been for quite some time a yearly event. Last year's Christmas party was no different. We went to Montezuma's Mexican Restaurants. There were 16 people in attendance.

I feel that it went okay and as my first main task it was something simple to setup. However I feel that Montezuma's is not the best choice. I would look into alternatives and try those out. The choice of Mexican is okay but the restaurant was far to small to handle the 16 guests that we had and was uncomfortable.

Install Fest

We held the install fest on March 21st. The only real problem that we had with it was a lack of advertising. Apart from that it went well. We had pizza and soft drinks. Even though we did not attract new members it was good to see old members get together and enjoy themselves.

In the future I would not hold an install fest but rather hold a welcoming party. Rather than say we will install Unix if you come. Have a party where we set aside time to introduce new people to HUMBUG. I think next year with better advertising and more planning this should work far better than this years install fest.

The Membership Drive

This year I helped out Russell Stuart with a membership drive. We, as a group, set about putting up notices at all the major Universities. Stuffing pamphlets into Open Source CD cases. I think this kinda worked. Not as well as we hoped but I think we did get a few new members out of this. Also it had the affect of putting back some of the old enthusiasm that I think has been missing from the club for some time now. It was a good experience and one that I feel we should repeat.

Looking to the Future

I believe the role of the Event Coordinator should be expanded to include either the planning the membership drive or being a key member. We should also back it up with the welcoming party that I mentioned earlier. If possible lets look at maybe getting stands at the Open days at the Universities. Also see if we can advertise the event more in the TAFEs and local libraries.

Matthew Franklin.