Librarian's Report

Librarian: Matthew Franklin.

Getting Better Access

Over the last year I have worked hard to make sure that as much of the Library was available to members as possible. I have under my fellow Exec members direction looked into using an online library to provide easy to use and access books. Which proved to be far beyond the reach of HUMBUG's budget. I have worked towards creating a library database and have on most HUMBUG meetings brought a small collection of the library books for members to borrow.

Numbers and Figures

The HUMBUG library has 47 books, 86 magazines and also a small collection of cd's. Total value for books and magazines is $2633.12. As the librarian it is my duty to also manage the HUMBUG equipment. This includes the routers that we use as well as cables, power adapters etc. The total value of the equipment that we have is $3974.67. This includes the library books and magazines as well. The figures relate to replacement costs not the value. The total value would need to be calculated to include depreciation. Note: I have made best guess estimates where I have no solid figures to work from. With the books I have just used the RRP prices and with other stuff I have searched on the net for prices of similar equipment. See the HUMBUG wiki for further details which include a list of all the books and magazines.

Other Roles

Not only have I maintained the library I have also have worked hard to make HUMBUG work as a whole.

Membership Drive

Early this year I helped out Russell Stuart do a membership drive where we prepared a whole pile of Open CD's to be handed out. Put posters up at QUT Garden's Point campus. I know that both Russell, Mark and myself have worked hard to introduce new memebers. To encourage those members to participate in HUMBUG.

Dealing with Server Issues

I have tried to help where possible to deal with the issues that we have had with the server. Earlier on this year James Iseppi found that our server Caliburn was compromised.

Together with Mark Ellem we disconnected the server from UQ's server room. After which with the help of Stephen Thomas, Q, Daniel Devine, Russell Stuart, Robert Brockway and a few others we managed to bring the HUMBUG's email and email list services online as well as replace the old HUMBUG website with a moinmoin wiki.

Thanks must go to everyone that helped. It wasn't easy and we still have a lot to do but I think the end result so far has been excellent. By having a wiki setup as our website this means that everyone can easily add information to the website. Post talk details and slides etc all without needing to have administrator access and without the worry that they might cause irreparable damage.

The Website

I have made sure that where possible that the information on our website is updated and correct. I have added more pages than I care to remember. My main interest is to pass as much information to HUMBUG members and future Exec members as possible. This is so that they can simply look on the website to find the information required to get the job done.

That's about it.

Matthew Franklin (HUMBUG Librarian)