Secretary's Report

Nothing much to report. Correspondence to regarding meeting dates, times, and such from prospective members was answered with a variant of "Sure thing! the meeting is on (date here) from (start time) to (end time) at (meeting venue) - if you'd like to attend, I'll be there from 3pm onwards! My mobile number is 0448 109 267." This was not entirely successful as a recruiting technique. From the many, many emails received, only 1 new financial member was gained. Nevertheless, it wasn't a wasted exercise.


Rostering for setup/packup was trailed, and was generally successful. Personally, I am a huge supporter of this - it spreads the load around and ensures that the system is by and large fair and balanced.

And finally...

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage any members who had considered running for a exec role to put their hand up and try. Executive roles aren't particularly onerous, and are a great way to contribute new and fresh ideas for the club. If you are a current financial member, please consider a exec role - the group will benefit from your contribution.