Systems Report


  Before my major involvement with the HUMBUG systems, our server at the time had been compromised.  This increased the urgency of migrating to a new system.

  Matthew Franlkin and Mark Ellem removed caliburn from the rack at UQ and brought the machine to the following HUMBUG meeting, where we were able to retrieve a more recent snapshot of the data to use for the move to our new server.


    I should start by thanking Robert Brockway for providing the VM in the first place - I don't know what the long-term plans for the HUMBUG server is, but getting everything running as a virtual machine gives us a lot of flexibility to move our services around if needed.

    I've been given a lot of help and ideas from Mark Ellem, Matthew Franklin, Q and Daniel Devine on what was needed, and how to set up services on excalibur.

    Russel Stuart has been our main helper for any scritps or development work that's been needed.

Other services are planned and/or in progress (see below)

Amazon s3

Tarball and chroot script

What still needs to be done

Stephen Thomas