Talks Liaison Report

Talks Liaison: Matthew Franklin

Since taking over the role earlier this year I have attempted to encourage people to do talks and or add what they know to the wiki. My intention was to improve the knowledge base of the club. In past years I have attended some very good talks and I want there to more talks presented.

However I believe that talks are only one part of what should be done. We should use tutorials as a way of informing HUMBUG members to both new technology as well as introducing people to basic information. I also believe that we should use our web to provide information that people can follow up on and expand.

Filming The Talks

One of the main things I have done this year is to implement the filming of talks. The hope here is that it encourages more people to talk. Provides members that miss the talk the ability to view it and to show that we are an active club.

To that end I pursued purchasing a video camera so that we may film talks, edit and then post them to the web. So far I have only managed to film and post two talks. While these were okay I know that in the future either myself or the next person can do a lot better. I would say that the filming of talks is still very much in the developmental stage.

The Wiki

What can I say about the wiki. It has proved to be a very valuable tool. Not only can we use our new wiki to advertise and inform people of HUMBUG and the meetings. We can also use it to document what happens at the club. While this was always possible it was never so easily done. To this end the wiki has provided us with an excellent tool for the posting of talks. Both of attaching slides as well as making the wiki the slide show, the presentation platform.

The future

In the future I believe I hope the talks become a more regular feature at HUMBUG. That people who are to shy to stand up and do a talk provide either new material to do future talks or expand on old talks. That film of talks becomes more regular and far better quality. That both old hands and new hands learn something they don't know from these talks.

Matthew Franklin.