Vice Presidents Report


This year has been an interesting year for HUMBUG as a number of events have happened. Some were planned, others were unplanned. Despite all this, all these events have gone smoothly and I am pleased to say HUMBUG is still going strong as a user group.

Server breach and new server/services

As mentioned in out presidents report, although we had some breaches of caliburn through a rootkit which caused downtime, thanks to Stephen Thomas and Russell Stuart we were able to get a Xen virtual machine provided by Robert Brockway up and running with a new website/wiki.

As there were plans to upgrade the website before the breach happened, this line of events turned out to have fortunate consequences. I, as vice president, have been involved in making sure all planning and implementation of our new server has gone smoothly through such activities as get-togethers between executive and sys-admins.

Assisting Treasurer with fiscal duties

Elspeth Thorne, due to personal and health reasons, has not been able to perform her full duties this year. Elspeth has been from the beginning been fully committed to her role, so this in no way implies she has not wanted to perform her duties. Due to these reasons, I have been helping her by keeping the cashbox in order, keeping an eye on HUMBUG's account and doing the banking for HUMBUG.

Running of HUMBUG in presidents absence

As our president has been working in Canberra, I have been ensuring the operation of HUMBUG has been going smoothly in his absence. This involved making sure the packing up roster has been adhered to and keeping general order.

Acquisition of A/V equipment for HUMBUG

With the help of our librarian, HUMBUG has bought a camera for use at meeting and official events for recording of talks. The reasoning is to allow members who could not attend the meetings when the talks were being held and opportunity to catch up on what they missed.

A number of talks have been recorded and distributed with the new camera and I am pleased to say it has been quite successful. If things continue to go well, we hope to purchase additional equipment such as microphones and PA amplifiers.


Although some things have not gone to plan, in summary, all has all turned out well for HUMBUG. I hope I am passing on a vibrant organisation to my successor. I also hope HUMBUG continues to support the Brisbane Unix user community well in to the future.