Annual General Meeting 4/9/2010


Meeting is opened at Six 'oh opne by Russell.



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Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Robert Robank?. Passed unanimously.

Gaz requests a count of membership to determine if quorum is reached, and it has.

Executive Reports

Secretary's Report

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by David Formosa. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report


There was $835.05 from new and renewing memberships plus a donation. There was also $1.40 of interest accrued in the period since the last AGM. This makes a total income of $836.35 since last AGM.


Clinton Roy paid for the PO Box renewal of $195.00, this is still to be reimbursed. Clinton has provided a receipt of payment.

Mark Suter was paid via cheque $420.76 for outstanding caliburn traffic charges. As we no longer have caliburn or hosting at UQ, further charges in future are unlikely.

There was a $25.00 speaker's dinner reimbursement paid to Russell Stuart for a speaker who made a talk to HUMBUG.

There was $326.00 for a new Linksys WRT610N router and Seagate 1TB external USB HDD to replace the WRT54GL router which was not handing meeting demand. This was bought shortly after the last Exec meeting closed from UMart. Receipt has been provided and monies reimbursed.

This makes expenses since last AGM $966.76 in total.

Bank account status

The HUMBUG bank account balance as of 04/09/2010 is $6602.07.

Activity on the account since last AGM has consisted the interest accrued as mentioned in income, deposits of membership fees from cashbox float and cashed cheques for expenses.

I have received from the Secretary a quarterly bank statement which covers transactions from the last AGM to current quarter.

Current financial position

This means for total cash reserves (cash box and account) we have $6652.07. This puts us at $64.69 ahead in reserves since last AGM. Once Clinton gets reimbursed for the PO Box Renewal, this will put us at $-130.41 in reserves since last AGM.

Anticipated future income/expenses

None to note, apart from usual PO Box Renewal.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by Matthew. Two against, but passed.

Question from Pete questioning the size of the PO Box renewal, apparently the city boxes cost more. Clinton says that we've got the receipt and we can check out the details

Vice President's Report

As Vice president I was tasked with making sure that we had rooms for Humbug and managing the membership. I implemented a wiki based setup and pack up roster which worked reasonably apart from one time when it was not updated. I purchased a cheap travel bag out of my own money to store the humbug equipment. Apart from the fact that it is a bit too small this works out quite well.

MOTION raised by Matthew to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Three people against.

Librarian's Report

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by Mark. Passed unanimously.

President's Report

Humbug Presidents report for 2009/2010.

Looking back on what I said we would do when elected:

  1. Private lists. The promise was to create public replacements for private lists and shut down lists if they are unused. The public lists were created, and they are the ones we now use primarily. The private ones still get the occasional non-spam email - maybe one or two every couple of months. Several inactive lists we shut down.
  2. Reallocation of exec tasks. You might remember the problem here is the exec positions didn't reflect the work load. Two of them - vice president and librarian, had almost nothing to do when there were jobs that weren't allocated to anyone. So this year we did the obvious thing and allocated jobs to people. The idea was to both spread the load and to do it in a transparent way, so at AGM's you could make up your minds about whether the jobs were done well and vote accordingly. From my point of view spreading the work load went well. I'll let you decide whether it helped you vote.
  3. Written reports from all Exec members. In the end the Exec agreed to take it one step further and only accept reports that were written before the Exec meeting. This worked pretty well. Every set of minutes contain reports from every Exec member present - and we only had one apology which was when Clinton attended PyCon.

Two other major things happened this year. We moved Excalibur - twice actually. And in the process proved the backup system worked and moving is easy. And Brisbane won LCA 2011.

I am not going to say much about LCA 2011, primarily because its association with Humbug is now tenuous. The only real connection is some LCA 2011 committee members are also Humbug members, and of course it is being held on our patch. When I organised the first bids for LCA I had hoped the connection would be much stronger, however James (last years president) strongly opposed that in the LCA 2011 committee meetings. He felt LCA 2011 should be completely independent of Humbug, and that is how it turned out. That said, to me LCA 2011 looks to be on track. The committee looks to be working well with a strong turn out at committee meetings. LCA 2011 is lucky to have such a group of people so devoted to making it work, and I have no doubt they will make it work.

Finally, looking forward to further challenges. Four spring to mind. In order of increasing importance:

  1. The first and least important, is online membership payments. I only mention it because it's an ambition of mine. Well not mine. The idea was implanted in me by Greg Black, and has since been taken up by others as well. Thus in traditional open source fashion, it seems there are several of us working membership code - but we are pulling in different directions. This is probably a good thing, as despite all the good intentions it is unlikely all will come to fruition. Fortunately we had the common sense to settle on the same platform, Django, so what will probably emerge is an amalgamation of the good bits. Here's hoping.
  2. The second is the home for Excalibur. Currently it is running as a "VM" on the OSDC machine, which itself is a VM. We are sort of a sub-VM, if you like. Whether this needs to change depends on the good graces of out host, which is OSDC, aka Stephen Thorne. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Stephen for providing this hosting gratis, and to thank Robert Brockway who provided the same thing before we moved to OSDC. It may be the current situation is fine with everyone involved, but regardless it definitely needs to be re-examined to ensure that is so.
  3. The third is self promotion. We need membership, and we need relevance. In retrospect I think we have anachronistic approach to this. We are still operating the way we did 10 years ago - primarily via mailing lists and IRC. Our recent innovations have been planet, and now a wiki. The world has moved on. Technically we need to look more interesting to the Uni students of today. Sadly, I don't really know what that entails. Does it mean Web Forms rather than mailing lists? Does it mean offering blogging sites, a (sub-sub?) VM they can play in and host their own web site, or a IRC web gateway for members so they can participate in a way they find more familiar? I don't know. But I do think before we go to the kids of today we need to have some relevant to offer them.
  4. Item 3 would normally be the most important in any year. But a bit of an issue has come up. UQ requires us to have public liability insurance. This year that was provided by LA. Without it UQ will not give us meeting rooms. Well, I am told this year the new LA committee asked their insurer whether they would insure us, and they said "no". I originally heard this via the grape vine, but I have had it confirmed in wring on the Linux Australian mailing list. I am told it would cost at more than our annual membership income to pay for Public Liability Insurance. Linux Australian is working on this. John Ferlito, the current president of LA, discussed it with me while wandering to dinner at an LCA 2011 meeting a few months ago. In that discussion I got the impression LA's current thinking was that we effectively dissolve Humbug and instead become a sub-committee of LA. That would fix the insurance problem, but I wasn't too impressed with the idea and I hope I gave John that impression. At this stage I don't know what LA has in mind or whether it will be suitable. If the worst came to the worst this year Humbug could fund its own insurance, but that is not sustainable in the long term so we must find a solution.

Elice asks how much public liability insurance costs. Russell replies, on the order of $700.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by Steven. Passed unanimously.

Non Executive Reports

Sysadmin Team

Other Agenda Items

Motion to change the constitution: membership fees

Proposer: Russell Stuart


Ewan suggests that the consitution not directly define the constitution, but defers to the exec. Russell is not going to accept changes to the motion at this late stage.

David Formosa reminds that he sent an alternative proposal, but that it got caught by a spam trap, or some such. Russell does not recall seeing it, only one that James sent through.

Clarificiation: If you pay cash the membership will be $20. The larger membership only covers externals costs for taking the membership.

In Favour: 18 Against: 1

The motion is passed.

Motion to change the constitution: notice require for motions to change the constitution

Proposer: Russell Stuart


Ewen: recalls that people already complaining about a prior, similar section.

David: Does this take effect for this agm or the next: Russell responds, hte next one.

For: 20

Against: 0

Outcome: PASSED

Motion to change the constitution: eligibility for voting at special meetings

Proposer: Russell Stuart


Russell thanks responders for the improved wording of the resolution.

For: 18

Against: 0

Outcome: PASSED

Voting in of the next Executive


Russell calls for the nominations for the position of President. Everyone is too scared to nominate.

Russell is chosen by default.

Vice President

One nomination, Matthew Franklin.

Matthew is chosen by default, and a round of applause.


Russell calls for nominations for Treasurer.

Mark nominates himself, Greg Seconds.

Mark is chosen by default.


Russell calls for nominations for Secretary.

Greg nominates Clinton, Clinton declines.

Mark nominates Steven Thomas, Steven accepts, Russell seconds.

Steven is chosen by default, and a round of applause.


Russell calls for nominations for Librarian.

Elice nominates Greg, Aj seconds, Greg accepts.

David Formosa nominates himself, Mark seconds.

Greg nominates Daniel, Daniel declines because he's too stupid. Shut up Russell.

David and Greg approach the bench, terrible mugshots.

David gives a short descritption of himself, a professional system admin.

Matthew asks if David has worked on the humbug infrastructure.

Greg says he's been doing sysadmin on the Humbug systems.

Greg wins.

Other Business

People offer suggestions on how to refocus Humbug.

Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is pencilled in for September 2011.


The meeting was closed by Russell at 19:07.

Uncompleted Actions

Getting a PO box key.