Treasurer's Report for HUMBUG 2011 AGM

Current Cash Position

Current Bank Balance: $6987.26 Cash Box: $70.00

Total cash position (as of 03/09/2011): $7057.26

Summary Position

Previous AGM total position plus any brought forward expenses: +$6602.07

Plus all received income: +$622.74

Minus paid out expenses: -$379.00

Total Summary Position with income minus expenses as of 03/09/2011: +$6845.81

Description of Activities for the Past Year

We had 31 new and renewing members, which contributed $620.00 of income to the treasury.

Along with this, we had $2.74 in interest from the bank account this year.

In terms of expenses, we had the following expenses:

So this year, we made a profit of $243.74, taking all things into account.