President's Report for HUMBUG 2012 AGM

Welcome to the Humbug 2012 AGM. As with last year, we have decided to keep this years reports as brief and to the point.

Humbug ticked over this year, so there is not much to report. Your exec did a few things, like rearrange our banking to get rid of dead tree statements, and moved our excess funds to a term deposit. This meant we could close our PO Box, which only seemed to get snail SPAM. And of course the usual mundane things happened - rooms were booked on time, and Excalibur is running well, and reports were delivered. Speaking personally, this years highlight for me was Matthew putting wheels on the gear box. Life became so much easier.

As I said in the AGM announcement, I won't be nominating myself for president again this year unless no one else nominates. The lack of activity this year probably means it is time for new blood. If you think you are up for the task, please have a go.