1. Sysadmin's Report for HUMBUG 2012 AGM

I have been doing the sysadmin role for the past year. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. So my first request is if I end up doing it next year, all offers of help are welcome. In other words, if I am in this position after the elections and you want to help out with maintaining Excalibur, just ask and you will have root access.

Excalibur continues to be hosted gratis by a VM provided by Stephen Thorne. This will probably continue. The price of a VPS suitable for support Humbug has now dropped to $22/yr - at least that is what I recently bought one for. So moving it to a VM we oay for will be no longer be the financial drain it once was should it become necessary. In the mean time I would like to publicly thank Stephen for his generosity, and before him Robert Brockway.

There is only large outstanding job planned for Excalibur. It has to be upgraded to the newest version of Debian. This is opportune for two reasons - firstly Debian has stopped issuing security updated the version is it running, and secondly Debian testing has been frozen in preparation for it becoming the next stable version of Debian stable. In my opinion it isn't quite stable enough yet, but sometime this year the upgrade must happen.