Agenda Items

The current agenda is as follows:

1. Meeting Open

2. Attendees and Apologies

3. Confirmation of Previous AGM Minutes

4. Reports

4.1. President's Report for HUMBUG 2012 AGM

Welcome to the Humbug 2012 AGM. As with last year, we have decided to keep this years reports as brief and to the point.

Humbug ticked over this year, so there is not much to report. Your exec did a few things, like rearrange our banking to get rid of dead tree statements, and moved our excess funds to a term deposit. This meant we could close our PO Box, which only seemed to get snail SPAM. And of course the usual mundane things happened - rooms were booked on time, and Excalibur is running well, and reports were delivered. Speaking personally, this years highlight for me was Matthew putting wheels on the gear box. Life became so much easier.

As I said in the AGM announcement, I won't be nominating myself for president again this year unless no one else nominates. The lack of activity this year probably means it is time for new blood. If you think you are up for the task, please have a go.

4.2. Sysadmin's Report for HUMBUG 2012 AGM

I have been doing the sysadmin role for the past year. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. So my first request is if I end up doing it next year, all offers of help are welcome. In other words, if I am in this position after the elections and you want to help out with maintaining Excalibur, just ask and you will have root access.

Excalibur continues to be hosted gratis by a VM provided by Stephen Thorne. This will probably continue. The price of a VPS suitable for support Humbug has now dropped to $22/yr - at least that is what I recently bought one for. So moving it to a VM we oay for will be no longer be the financial drain it once was should it become necessary. In the mean time I would like to publicly thank Stephen for his generosity, and before him Robert Brockway.

There is only large outstanding job planned for Excalibur. It has to be upgraded to the newest version of Debian. This is opportune for two reasons - firstly Debian has stopped issuing security updated the version is it running, and secondly Debian testing has been frozen in preparation for it becoming the next stable version of Debian stable. In my opinion it isn't quite stable enough yet, but sometime this year the upgrade must happen.


4.3. Secretary Report for HUMBUG 2012 AGM

Thanks Russell for the introduction.

The numbers as they stand 1/9/2012 are 21 members in total. We have only had no new members for the year. The email reminder that Russell sent and I had a hand in worked well and we should do this in future just to let people know that they haven't yet renewed their membership. That said most people join at the AGM so they have full membership. I expect to see the same thing tonight.

Direct deposits and the ability to join online has made it easier for people to simply pay and join. It means that people that don't live in Brisbane can join up. I would like to see that extended if possible next year.

Okay over to you Clinton.

4.4. Treasurers Report

I would say that our financial state is healthy if not a little stagnent. We've reduced our costs, but we need to look at increasing membership. We also need to remember that money in the bank does not help our group or the community.

Overall statements:

Term Deposit:


Working Account:









Working Interest:


Term Interest:




Outgoings (Regular):


PO Box:


Speakers Dinner:





TFN Withholding Tax:







I didn't do a great job of bringing the cash box on a regular basis, probably better in the second part of the year than the first. I was constantly having issues accessing the netbanking feature, blame lies half way between the bank and myself.


  • See if there's a way of getting any of the TFN withholding tax back.
  • Work out what to do with the Term Deposit.

Some members asked if the Term deposit could be extended to beyond a year. Clinton and Russell said that it would be unfair to do so because the next Exec may need access to the money.

5. Nominations and Voting

5.1. President

5.2. Secretary

5.3. Treasurer

6. General Business

7. Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 5:53