Agenda Items

The current agenda is as follows:

1. Meeting Open

2. Attendees and Apologies

3. Confirmation of Previous AGM Minutes

4. Reports

The aim of these reports is to present what has happened during the year in relation to the club.

4.1. Secretary Report for HUMBUG 2013 AGM

Current we have 18 financial members in total, compared to 21 last year. Room booking are under control. I want to thank Matthew Franklin for bring extra tables, and Aguido Davis for helping us to fill a couple of blank spots.

4.1.1. Accept Secretary Reports

4.2. Treasurers Report for HUMBUG 2013 AGM

Balance as of last AGM: $539.97



Balance as of this AGM: $1334.05

Cash box: $60

Term Deposit: $6715.98 with $105.14 on interst. Thanks to Russell for access to the information

4.2.1. Accept Secretary Reports

5. Nominations and Voting

5.1. President

5.2. Secretary

5.3. Treasurer

6. General Business

7. Other Business

8. Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 17:23