Agenda Items

Still very much a Draft

The current agenda is as follows:

1. Meeting Open

2. Attendees and Apologies

3. Confirmation of Previous AGM Minutes

4. Reports

4.1. President's Report

AGM's are boring things, or at least they should be and I hope this one is no exception. Still this is the most important day in Humbug's annual calendar, and it can't go ahead without your support. To those that are here - thank you for attending, and to those who could not attend and submitted a proxy instead - that you for taking that effort. It matters.

You don't need a report - you know what we did this year. So I'll just present a list:

4.1.1. Motion: accept President's report

4.2. Secretary's Report

4.2.1. Motion: accept Secretary's report

4.3. Treasurer's Report

Savings Account

Term Deposit

Cash box


Club Position

4.3.1. Motion: accept Treasurer's report

4.4. Sysadmin Report

Backups available (these must have been sighted): 2015-09-11. Date a backup was tested by a complete restore from backup only: 2015-09-11. Percentage of disk space used:

List of packages that aren't up-to-date security wise: (none) People with root access to the box: Greg, Russell, Tomas.

The policy I've adopted with root access is if you ask and are a regular Humbug attendee you get it. If you don't contribute for a while you lose it. This is far more lax that in should be. It reflects my level of desperation, and perhaps my confidence in the backup system.

The only change to the box is the Payment page. It should be open source. The issue it contains secrets - Paypal and Google passwords. You can get to it if you have root access to the box, or if you download the backup of the Excalibur in which case the passwords are stripped. So technically it is open source, if not accessible source.

4.4.1. Motion: accept Sysadmin Report report

5. Nominations and Voting

5.1. President

5.2. Secretary

5.3. Treasurer

6. General Business

6.1. Motions to change the Membership fee:

Currently the consitution states the following: 6.a The membership fee is $25.00 for one year or part thereof, and falls due the 31st day of August or the next AGM whichever is the latest. The fee is discounted to $20 if payment is made with cash. The Executive may publish a schedule of additional payment types that attract the same discount.

6.1.1. Motion: To nominate a preferred organisation that our assets go to if the club is disbanded.

6.1.2. Motion: To thank every one who ran PyconAu2015

7. Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 17:45

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