Agenda Items

The current agenda is as follows:

1. Meeting Open

2. Attendees and Apologies

3. Confirmation of Previous AGM Minutes

4. Reports

The aim of these reports is to present what has happened during the year in relation to the club.

4.1. Exec Reports

First of all welcome, and thank you for attending the AGM. Thank you because it's mostly boring administratia I know I personally would rather avoid. But it's necessary administratia as this is the time we cajole three of out own to handle all work in running the club, so all that is left for us to do is tell them how they are doing it wrong. So it's boring, but necessary and it's always fun to see who will be the suckers this year. So again thank you for attending.

Club strength as measured in membership this has been a satisfactory year. We have seen reductions in membership in previous years. This year it has stabilised. But this year has also brought new challenges this Executive has not been able to resolve. One is room bookings, and the other that cropped up two meetings ago was the expiry of UQ staff account, which means we no longer have free data. Hopefully the new executive will do a better job with these things than this one did.

Last minute update. Aguido was planning to attend this AGM and raise room bookings in general business. Unfortunately he could not make it, so he sent me this this email as few minutes ago:

  • HUMBUG have a confirmed booking on room 430 for the rest of 2016. I anticipate continuing to book the room on behalf of HUMBUG every six months for as long as I continue as a staff programmer at the school. Once I leave, my colleague Sarah Walters (nee Kelly) who is a HUMBUG alumnus has volunteered to take over this duty.

Computer Systems wise Excalibur has moved twice. The current VM costs us USD$20 per year. After some teething issues it seems to be working out. It turns out the teething issues were caused by MoinMoin spammers trying to create accounts and then add links to whoever was paying them. Despite every attempt to create an account failing they retried a couple of times a second, and then tried to login which failed. Apache handled this fine, but the overheads imposed by running a Python script killed the server. The work around was to get Apache to block access to the create account and login pages. It worked fine, but nobody could login. In the mean time I added an Apache2 RBL module which appeared to be working, so I've now re-enabled logins.

The membership web payments page also appears to be working well.

Activities wise this was a year off after running Pycon for 2 years. Hopefully we can organise ourselves to run a LCA in not too many years time.

Finally I'd like to thank my fellow Exec members for this year. Both have been a pleasure to work with, and both have done their allocated tasks wonderfully.

I move my Presidents report be accepted.

Russell moves a motion to thank Aguido for room bookings.

Russell moves a motion to accept. Greg Black seconds. Passed unanimously

4.2. Secretary Report

Number of Proxy Votes: 3

Number of attendees: 12

Number of voting members: 12

Very little mail handled this year. I think my biggest problem was failing to secure room bookings with my UQ contacts. I need to follow this up.

Russell moves a motion to pass. Greg Black seconds. Passed unanimously.

4.3. Treasurer Report


Overall Position


Joel raised motion. Greg Black seconds Passed unanimously.

5. Nominations and Voting

5.1. President

Ewan nominates Joel, Greg Lehmann seconds, Joel accepts.

No other nominations, Joel accepts presidency.

5.2. Secretary

Russell nominates Clinton. Greg Lehmann seconds Clinton. Clinton accepts nomination.

No other nominations, Clinton reluctantly agrees.

5.3. Treasurer

Greg Black nominates Russell, Ewan seconds.

Clinton reminds that exec members need not pack up.

Russell nominated Greg Black, Clinton seconds. Greg accepts, on condition that he doesn't have to pack up.

Russell withdraws his nomination.

No objections to Greg Black being treasurer.

6. General Business

6.1. Agenda Item Title

Russell move a motion of thanks to Aguido and UQ business school for room bookings.

Clinton seconds.

Passed unanimously.

Clinton noted that Russell's excellent treasury skills are now in demand by Linux Australia.

7. Other Business


8. Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 17:35

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