Agenda Items

1. Meeting Open

2. Attendees and Apologies

3. Confirmation of Previous AGM Minutes

4. Reports

The aim of these reports is to present what has happened during the year in relation to the club.

4.1. Exec Reports

4.1.1. President - Joel Addison

I'd like to welcome everyone to the HUMBUG AGM today, and thank everyone for attending.

This year has been fairly quiet, with no events directly run by us. We have still contributed to a number of community events over the past year, which has been excellent to see. I note also that Russell is doing an excellent job in his new position as Treasurer of Linux Australia, following on from his time as Treasurer for the Brisbane PyCon Au conferences.

In terms of membership, we have kept stable numbers again this year. We have attracted a number of new people throughout the year, but we need to work more on retaining them past one or two meetings. I think having more talks could work to help with this, but that does rely on people wanting to give them.

We have had some change in rooms for meetings throughout the past year. I would like to thank Aguido and the Business School for organising and providing a room for the first half of the year, and the prior year. Clinton has done excellent work in securing rooms for the latter half of the year, including one at the very last minute the day before a meeting. I think the move back to rooms in the School of ITEE is a step in the right direction. I think we can build upon this over the next year to work with some of the related student groups at the university, which may attract some new members along the way also.

I have been working with several others, both inside and outside HUMBUG, to construct a bid to host Linux.Conf.Au on the Gold Coast in 2020. We have done some site inspections, and are quite happy with the venue options available to us. I am confident that we will be able to host a successful conference, based on these and the budget estimations. We will submit our bid once Linux Australia opens the call for bids, which I expect to happen in the not too distant future.

Finally, I would like to thank Clinton and Greg for their work on the Executive this year. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you.

Motion: To accept the report of the President.

Seconded: Russell Stewart

Result: passed unanimously

4.1.2. Treasurer - Greg Black


Overall Position


Motion: To accept this report from the Treasurer.

Seconded: Russell Stuart

Result: passed unanimously

4.1.3. Secretary - Clinton Roy

Overwhelmingly this year, my task has been getting our room bookings on a firm basis. Occasionally this has required last minute communications. We are now have UQ room bookings sorted for the rest of the year — despite today's venue :) And we have te support and contacts to continue making bookings at ITEE.

I would like to thank Aguido Davis and Sarah Walters for our Business School bookings. I would also like to thank Stephen Viller and Michael Bruenig for their support of Humbug, and Michelle Dobson for her logistical help. A special thank you to Belinda Weaver for a last minute booking.

Motion: To accept this report of the Secretary.

Proposed: Clinton Roy

Seconded: Joel Addison

Result: passed unanimously

4.2. Non Exec Reports

4.2.1. System Admin - Russell Stewart

No problems to report.

4.2.2. External Participation

Russell is treasurer of Linux Australia.

A list of events that members helped out with in the last year:

A list of conferences that members are planning on helping out with in the coming year:

5. Nominations and Voting

5.1. President

Congratulations to Joel Addison, who continues on as President.

5.2. Secretary

Congratulations to Clinton Roy, who continues on as Secretary.

5.3. Treasurer

Congratulations to John Keogh, our new Treasurer.

6. General Business

Russell wishes to thank Clinton for organising the room bookings. Russell moves a motion of thanks, Greg seconds. Motion of thanks passed unanimously.

Ewan moves a motion to note that the first of the founding members has passed away. Russell seconds this motion. Passed unanimously.

7. Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 5:15pm

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