Basic Summary

The HUMBUG AGM is our Annual General Meeting. It is held in the month of September. The AGM is where HUMBUG votes for their Exec. Also where members of HUMBUG can learn about what the current Exec have been doing over the year and also where we elect the new Exec. This is the time when valid Financial Members of 3 months standings can vote on a range of agenda items and the Exec positions.

If you don't know what it takes to be in any of the Exec HUMBUG positions or even the non Exec positions then take a look at Exec for a list of Roles, Responsibilities and general Exec information. This should help you come to a conclusion about what position within HUMBUG, both the Exec and Non Exec roles, you want to take. However as you may wait a while as our new Exec has just been elected.

Election and Role Selection

In HUMBUG there are 2 types of roles Exec and the Non Exec Roles. They can both have the same amount of workload however the real difference is that the Exec roles are roles that are voted on by the HUMBUG members at the AGM in accordance with the HUMBUG Constitution while the Non-Exec Roles are delegated by the Exec.

As the AGM has just occurred there are only the Non-Exec Roles on offer. If you're interested in any of the Non-Exec Roles please feel free to state why you might best be suited to these positions, and why, on the General mailing list.

Exec Roles

These are as follows:

Non-Exec Roles

There will be 2 Non-Exec roles up for grabs which will be placed in the hands of the new Exec to be decided on at the first Exec meeting. These are the Talks Maintainer Role as well as the Event Coordinator role.

For a more detailed list of the Roles and what required please go to the Exec page.

Nominations and Agenda Items

This is where we will publish the nominations for the Exec roles and the Agenda Items. Please email <exec AT humbug DOT org DOT au> to nominate yourself for the any or all of the Exec roles or to put forth any Agenda Item you may wish to include in this year's AGM 2009.

Standard Nominations and Agenda Items are as follows:

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last AGM
  2. Reports from the members of the Exec
  3. Nominations and Elections of the new Exec
  4. Any General Business

Next AGM

The next AGM will be held at






Gordon Greenwood (Building 32)



Before and after the AGM will be a normal HUMBUG meeting. Please feel free to come even if you are not a Financial Member of 3 months standing.

Previous AGM minutes

This is a list of some of the previous AGM minutes.

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