Talk: Backups on Excalibur

Name: Russell Stuart

Brief Description Of Your Talk: Explains how backups are performed on Excalibur HUMBUG's VM server

Running Time: About 30min possibly more


Excalibur is the name of the "machine" that runs the Humbug Web site and mailing lists. The word machine is in quotes because Excalibur is actually a Virtual Machine running somewhere in the USA. I have written a suite of program's that backup Excalibur to Amazon S3. The aim of the suite goes beyond backups - it is a step towards making Excalibur virtual machine an open source project which all Humbug members can contribute to. This talk will present an overview of the Excalibur, a detailed description of the backup system, and future plans for making it an open source project.


The slides are here. To view unpack the tarball, then view the file excalibur-backup-talk-2009-07-05/index.html with a web browser.