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||<<MailTo(president AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||President||[[DonnaBrown|Donna Brown]]||
||<<MailTo(secretary AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||Secretary||[[RussellStuart|Russell Stuart]]||
||<<MailTo(treasurer AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||Treasurer
||[[MatthewFranklin|Matthew Franklin]]||
||<<MailTo(president AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||President||[[RussellStuart|Russell Stuart]]||
||<<MailTo(secretary AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||Secretary||[[MatthewFranklin|Matthew Franklin]]||
||<<MailTo(treasurer AT humbug DOT org DOT au)>>||Treasurer||[[MarkEllem|Mark Ellem]]||

Contact Information

The main contact point for Humbug is the executive, which can be reached at:

  • <admin AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au>.

As all of the executive monitor this public list you will usually get a prompt response.


If you need to submit membership forms or require your issue to be dealt with privately email please the club secretary, <secretary AT humbug DOT org DOT au>, or our private Exec lists using <exec AT humbug DOT org DOT au>.

System Administrators

Please refer to the SysAdmin page for instructions on logging requests.


The Current Executive (2013/2014)

You can correspond with the club's executive members privately using the following addresses. As these are private emails they are not archived, and may not come to the club's attention. Some executive members also release alternative contact details such as instant messaging addresses and phone numbers on their home pages.



Name / Home Page

<president AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


Russell Stuart

<secretary AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


Matthew Franklin

<treasurer AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


Mark Ellem


The Members

Humbug does not publish contact details for its members. However some public contact details on their home pages on this wiki, and most can be reached by joining our http://lists.humbug.org.au/mailman/listinfo/general mailing list and after successfully joining then sending an email to:

  • <general AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au>

Members also idle on Humbug's IRC channel. The channel can be found at:

  • Server: irc.humbug.org.au
  • Channel: #humbug

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