Responsibilities for All Exec Members

There are number a responsibilities that all exec must carry. As part of the Exec you have to take part in the running or HUMBUG both in relation to meetings, the mailing lists and be our face to the outside world.


As you already know, HUMBUG meetings occur once a fortnight. At present all meetings take place at UQ although our rooms do vary quite a bit. So what are your responsibilities in relation to the HUMBUG meeting? Well they are:

  1. All Exec members must ensure to the best of their ability that HUMBUG meetings go smoothly. If that requires contacting Security at the last minute due to room problems then it's up to the Exec members in attendance to do so.
  2. All Exec members must be willing to pack up and or set up at least one HUMBUG meeting.
  3. All Exec members must ensure that the rooms are left clean and tidy.
  4. All Exec members must try to engage new/possibly new members and or guests to HUMBUG.


Dealing with members emails and requests can sometimes get the better of you. That's the one really big thing that I've learned at my time as an Exec member. Sometimes it's best just not to answer. At other times not doing so will get the Exec and or yourself into far greater troubles.

The problem is that members will expect you to do their bidding in relation to getting information or setting times but there really is no way you can say "go get stuffed" without looking like a pompous a*** in the process. Remember at the end of the day you need to at least follow the rules laid out in the constitution. However remember if you can't say something good then best to say nothing at all.

So here they are.

  1. All Exec members must answer emails from members that have been sent to the exec list or to their own positional email.
  2. All Exec members must be willing to at least try to moderate arguments and when things get way out of hand deal control the lists. Sometimes this needs intervention on your part. Make sure that it's not just you that makes that decision. At best the whole Exec agrees with the action or as many as possible.

Exec Meetings

Exec meeting provide times for the Exec to come together to make decisions. It's important that you attend as many meeting as you can because they are decisions that will greatly impact of HUMBUG. So here are your responsibilities:

  1. All Exec members are required by the constitution to attend Exec meetings, send a proxy to an Exec meeting or submit an apology for not attending. Failure to do so for 3 Exec meetings will place the position in void.
  2. Be constructive.
  3. Accept ideas from non Exec members in attendance.
  4. Think how a decision might impact the club and or the next Exec.

Your Own Position

Remember you were voted in and therefore the next AGM you could be voted out. Accept this and make sure you take care with all that you do. Do your best with the position you're in. Take the time to encourage new people and please at this point edit the wiki make sure it's up to date and last come up with new ideas for HUMBUG. It might be getting a sacrificial pc so that we can train up some members in the art of sys admin. Maybe it's building bridges (Clinton's suggestion) or maybe it's developing an entirely new backup system (Russell). Either which way that type of thing attracts new members. So give it a go. -- Matt.