The Librarian Role is a very low profile role. Perfect for someone that want to experience being an Exec member but doesn't know how they would cope in another role. The primary focus is simple. Look after the HUMBUG Equipment!!

Make sure rats, cats who like eating said rats, dogs that like chasing said cats and snakes who like eating all three don't destroy the HUMBUG equipment. This is relatively simple. I've found that an electric high voltage fence works like a charm and there's the side benefit. Free dinner. Guns tend to leave holes in the books ;-) Joking aside it's a very simple job which allows you to pick up the knowledge that you need for other positions.

There are a few more things you need to know.

  1. People will ask for books/magazines. It's your job to bring these. At some point in the future we might have an automated web based borrowing system. For now however it's purely an ask the librarian for the stuff setup.
  2. Do bring books into HUMBUG meetings. Not all, just a few that might be of benefit. This will show that you haven't sold off the books and will encourage people to read what books we do have. Over the course of my time we have looked at an Online Library. The cost is what killed the idea. In order to give everyone access to just IT books Online would have sent HUMBUG broke. Would have been great though. -- Matthew Franklin
  3. See what else you can do. Since you're in the Exec and not doing much maybe as you get more comfortable, try to help out in areas that are of interest to you.
  4. Attend meetings and please help pack up or set up.


These files should help you if or when we setup an online borrowing system. These are: