Exec Meetings

Executive meetings must take place at least once within a 3 month period as per the constitution. These meetings must have at least 3 Exec members in attendance and either the President or the Vice President must be one of those people.


Two types of executive decisions are recognised:

  1. An ordinary executive decision (here after called an executive decision) consists of a simple majority of an official executive meeting.
  2. An unanimous executive decision consists of an unanimous decision of all current executive members at an executive meeting.

Other Rules

Other Rules of the Exec meeting are as follows:


The main purpose of these meetings is to make the decisions that will impact on the club. It also gives other members of the club a chance to be a part of those decisions and debates.

A Exec that holds regular meetings is more likely to be an enthusiastic Exec. The hope is that this passes onto the club in general.

Time and Place

This current Exec has found that the best time to hold the meetings was right before the normal HUMBUG meeting as most Exec members would be in attendance and parking is easier.

Other Considerations

I have with other meetings found that while notes taken at the time help, recording of meetings made my task of writing up the LCA bid team minutes a lot easier even through I hate the sound of my own voice. Skype has also been a real plus with people who cannot attend as it seems to cut through UQ's firewalls. -- Matt