The main purpose of these meetings is to make the decisions that will decide the direction of the club. It also gives other members of the club a chance to be a part of those decisions and debates. I feel that the Exec meetings should therefore follow these rules.

  1. Details of the next Exec meeting should be posted on the front page of the HUMBUG wiki.
  2. The agenda items for the next executive meeting should be posted to a page on the HUMBUG wiki.
  3. Any financial member of HUMBUG is to be able to be add new agenda items to the list of agenda items for the next exec meeting until the agenda is finalized for that meeting.
  4. Each office bearer will present a report at the exec meeting. These reports should include all of the decisions made, and any other relevant occurrences since the last exec meeting. Example: Treasurer's report should include full financial report since the last exec meeting including expenses and new assets.
  5. The Exec Meeting Minutes are to be posted to the wiki and to the HUMBUG general mailing list within one week of the Exec meeting. These Minutes should include all of the exec reports.

Items 4 and 5 were a part of Russell Stuart's President Nomination platform. The other three are purely my suggestions. ---Matthew Franklin