Membership Management

In order to make sure that we have money it's important that we get members. While I'm not in favor of pushing members to join we want people to join up well before the July deadline to have their vote counted.

Process for New and Existing Members

The new process is designed so that our records are as clear as possible. It is also designed so that we have on hand emergency contact details.

  1. Get the new or renewing member to fill out one of these forms the OpenOffice version orthe pdf version. They are available in the HUMBUG equipment.

  2. Next go to google docs enter in the Exec email address and our UQ password and then enter in the new member's details.
  3. Fill in the "Office only" area of the membership form apart from the "Membership Card Given" box.
  4. Fill out the membership card which is membershipcard.jpg or membershipcard.svg.

  5. Laminate the card.
  6. While that is happening (takes a while) fill in the new members name date of the next AGM (i.e Sept 09) and their emergency contact details in the small booklet that is kept in the money box.
  7. Hand over the card and tick the "Membership Card Given" box on the form and put the forms with the other AGM year's forms.