Exec Meeting Minutes for the 11/10/2008

Meeting Details

Minutes taken by who and how: James Iseppi. Added to Wiki by Matthew Franklin.

Place: Indooroopilly Shopping Centre



Meeting Opened

Meeting opened by Executive Members at 13:30


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Humbug Social Calendar

Talks Liaison

There are other OS groups in Brisbane that we should be inviting to Humbug meetings for talks etc? Eg, Red Hat, Brisbane PHP, Brisbane Ruby and Rails Brigade, MySQL?

Expanding The Librarian Role

The Librarian position doesn't seem to have much to do, how can we fix this to make it more relevant to the membership? Eg, get a safari bookshelf membership for members, have regular presentations about up and coming tech news/events, take on talks liaison role

member at a meeting, please read it out over the PA at around 6pm

Membership drive

Bank Stuff

signatories. We need to return the minutes to CBA Indooroopilly to have the current signatories activated.

Packup Roster

Interim roster with President, next person being notified. Will be posted to exec once finalised.

Confirmation of non-executive positions

Increase Library Resources

Increasing library resources, including up-to-date installers of various distros

Meeting closed at 2:03pm