Exec Meeting Minutes for the 30/05/2009

Meeting Details

Minutes taken by who and how: Scott Wilson. Posted to wiki by Matthew Franklin

Place: Hawken Building Room S201

Attendees: James Iseppi (President - Chair)

Mark Ellem (VP)

Scott Wilson (secretary)

Matthew Franklin (librarian)

Russell Stuart - Member

Greg Black - Member

Apologies: none.

Proxies: none.

Meeting Opened

Agenda Items

The current agenda is as follows:

Motion: Minutes of previous meeting accepted with correction - quote from email

"Rather we decided the exec would put the plan to all members, and ask who would like to do the wiki. I said I would put my hand up, and I hope others would as well." - Russell Stuart

Motion proposed by james iseppi seconded by Mark Ellem Passed unopposed

Wiki Configurations

Wiki has been set up by exec, currently the humbug homepage. All exec members currently hold accounts for the purposes of update and content management. a exec branch has been set up, only visible by logged-in exec members. Current sysadmins have complete access to the exec branch. Backups are being done by Robert Brockway's backup script currently. Proposed backup mechanism from russell - allowing a encrypted copy of the entire wiki to be downloaded at any time - Key to be held by executive in the form of a USB key.

Greg Black has a different view - backups of not just wiki, but also site config (installed packages, config tweaks, etc) to allow restores to be done faster - rather than setup from scratch followed by restore of content. Configuration management systems proposed to allow easy backup of entire site config. Critical: distributed backup system (mercurial, bazaar, etc) Stephen Thomas has already proposed these methods. As Stephen Thomas will ultimately be implementing this system, final decision will be held by him - high-level requirements to be defined by exec.

System Administrators

Defined as members of the -sysadmin mailing list, approved only by the executive of humbug. to be handled by current non-executive roles - ie, president able to define immediately, with confirmation at then next exec meeting. as per section 2(f) and 2(g) of the HUMBUG constitution.

This list of requirements to be sent to the -sysadmin mailing list, and accepted / confirmed at a separate meeting of the systems administrators group.

Proposed: Scott Wilson

Seconded: Mark Ellem

Result: Passed unopposed.

Online Accepting of Payment for Membership Dues

Proposed to defer until more information of possible payment methods. Investigation of possible payment methods to be handled by Mark Ellem - report to be presented at next exec meeting.

Result: Item deferred.

Membership / Library DB

Discussion to be held at next sysadmin meeting to investigate possible membership database forms. Sysadmin meeting to be held 30/05/2009 to discuss membership / library database possibilities.

Gift for Stephen Thomas

Dinner / etc as thanks for sysadmin duties

Proposed: James Iseppi to follow the de-facto standard "thank-you" for speakers - a meal of approx $20 value to be purchased as a thank-you.

Result: Passed unopposed.

Purchase of AV Gear to Record Talks

Matthew & Mark have been looking into approx $1300 to purchase a high-definition camera in order to record/broadcast HUMBUG talks. Discussion on frequency of usage, distribution methods, etc. Cost/performance to be discussed further on -exec mailing list. item to be deferred until price/performance is acceptable.

Result: Item deferred.


Accepting of proposed elections to the LCA bid committee and acceptance of voting outcomes. Committee members to report to humbug exec, voting to be chaired by James Iseppi. Maximum number of members of this committee to be capped at 13.

Result: Passed unopposed.

General Business

Russell Stuart has been contacted by ITEE, they have asked for software freedom day CD's to be handed to robocup participants - has also proposed that HUMBUG volunteers to be committed to helping organise ROBOCUP if required.

Meeting Finished at 15:36