Humbug Exec meeting 27/06/2009

Notes: This wiki edit was placed on the wiki by Matthew Franklin (HUMBUG Librarian). This was as a result of a discussion with the attending Exec Members. The result of which that these minutes be complete and no part of the original was to removed from this edit.

A copy of the original from Scott Wilson


Secretary: Scott Wilson

Vice President: Mark Ellem

Librarian: Matthew Franklin

Proxy: Shaun Nykvist - President

Non-exec Members

Greg Black, Stephen Thomas, Russell Stuart, Simon Ellis, Byron Crowe, Sean Greene



Not in attendance

Treasurer: Elspeth Thorne

Meeting Opened at 2:30pm

Expenses discussion

Mark raised the point that we need to have adequate management of expenses, to prove to both exec and general membership that we're not spending lavishly. Members do not believe they are adequately kept up-to-date with financial states - sourced from the fact that our treasurer is effectively MIA. Ideally, a treasurers report would accompany the minutes of every meeting - however this has not occured.

A requirement has been proposed that a treasurers report should be produced and presented at every executive meeting as well as at the AGM. Mark has offered to give a quick rundown of our finances in the interim.

Current Balance:$6769.17

Recent expenditures


Cashbox deposit (excess float) 27/03 $85.50 Cashbox deposit (membership fees) 01/06 $140 - 27.80 from Install Fest donations

Motion: Accept financial report as fair and correct.

Proposer: Matthew Franklin

Seconder: Scott Wilson seconds

Result: Motion passed unopposed.

Missing Treasurer

As for the matter of the missing treasurer, a proposal has been made that given that we're close to the AGM, we may just struggle along without a effective treasurer until the AGM.

Motion: Proposed that we accept this action and have the secretary gently remind the treasurer of her duties, and that proxies should be given before each meeting - additionally a treasurers report should be presented either in person or via email.

Proposed: Mark Ellem

Seconded: Matthew Franklin

Result: Passed unopposed.

Expenses reimbursement

Mark presented various expenses paid by his own pocket recently:

Motion: For $52.79 to be paid to Mark Ellem for stamp and scissors and $6.81 to be paid to Matthew for the cutting of the key.

Proposed:Shaun Nykvist

Seconded:Scott Wilson

Result:Passed unopposed.

Large purchase

Mark Ellem presented a digital video camera purchased with his own money.

Some Background

Mark Ellem and Matthew Franklin have been experimenting with recording and presenting talks. The borrowed camera that we were using was a: not ours and b: not entirely suited for the task (no firewire, no mic-in). Mark suggested we would need camera, tripod, microphones, and cables to join same.

Reasons presented for owning a HUMBUG camera

  1. No reliable camera source, loaned cameras can be lost at any time.
  2. Can be loaned to trustworthy financial members for projects that are aligned with humbug ideals.
  3. Can be used to record our OWN talks.

Member Greg Black raised the question that if we record and present talks electronically, it provides less incentive for members to show up at meetings. however, Mark and Matthew raised the point that archiving the talk, raising questions, etc.

Clinton raised the question that the process for purchasing equipment may not have been followed in this instance - gently reminded the exec members to show a little more restraint in future. Linux Australia also has a budget for equipment that may be able to be used - Clinton Roy has offered to do the paperwork for reimbursement of camera funds from Linux Australia.

Motion: HUMBUG to reimburse mark for purchase of video equipment and in turn to seek a grant from Linux Australia via Clinton Roy.

Proposed: Matthew Franklin

Seconded: Scott Wilson

Result: Passed unopposed.

Mark proposed that we produce a budget for future AV purchases and present to a future exec meeting. a two-week time frame. Matthew to present to next meeting for future voting.

Shaun has offered to donate a video tripod to HUMBUG. executive gratefully accepts.

Meeting closed 2:10pm