Exec Meeting Minutes for the 19/09/2009



Treasurers interim report for Executive meeting 19/09/2009

As of 19/09/2009, we have $7037.38 in the bank account

Recent activity:

10/09/2009: Deposit of $500.00 from membership takings at AGM.

Total takings from AGM/Renewals: $600.00

On 01/09/2009, $70.00 was banked, this included some pre AGM renewals.

Total float in cashbox: $45.00

Between now and the AGM, there have been no expenses for HUMBUG.

Assets, in terms of value:

1x wrt54gl wireless router, replacement value $59, real value: $25

1x GS116 gigabit switch, replacement value $150, real value: $70

2x SD2008 gigabit switches, replacement value $160, real value: $80

1x JVC video camera. Replacement value: $299, real value: $150

1x Tripod: Replacement value, $200.

1x P4 server, former hydra.meeting.org.au. Value: $50

Other assets I'll list in co-operation with librarian in near future.


Vice President's Report


Over the course of my first two weeks as the newly elected Vice President I have been involved in organising the Exec meeting. I have also been involved setting up the signatories on the account, helping out the Librarian perform his duties by passing on the information I had, trying to clarify issues presented within the agenda items and just in general settling into my new position. I now have a box containing all old the reciepts and membership forms. On Wednesday I sent an email to John Redfern asking about the status of the network issue we have with Prentice room 212. I gave him a follow up where he said he was looking at couple of things. I asked him to send me an email with details. So far I have not heard back from him.

Talks Liaison Report Have accepted a new talk from Daniel Devine which I have posted details on the wiki. I have also sent out a notice to General about tonights talk by Daniel Mashonkin. I request sent out a request via email Jared Ring (QUT) and Peter Robinson (UQ) asking them to invite their students to attend tonights talk.

On last Sunday (13/09/2009) I picked up the tripod from Tony Bilbrough's place that Shaun Nykvist had offered at the last Exec meeting which was held on the 27/06/2009. It is missing an adapter on the top for tripod.

Event Coordinator Report

Nothing to Report.


cr - Clinton Roy, secretary rs - Russell Stuart, president

closed 4pm

reopend at four thirty

russell moves a motion to authorise $20/month for hosting caliburn, lump sum or otherwise

a lot of discussion of possible hosting solutions for humbug.

the president moves a motion that the vm is shifted away from robert by the next exec meeting or humbug pays for the hosting. seconded by steve.

meeting closed