Executive Meeting 14/11/2009


Meeting is opened at half past two by Russell.


Apologies: None

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

Executive Reports

Secretary's Report

The secretary received three emails since the last exec meeting. These were people asking for details of the meetings and what went on, and requests for help. The meeting details requests were dealt with promptly. The specific requests for help eventually got forwarded onto the general list.

Two pieces of snail mail were received in the GPO box:

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, on the proviso that it was written up properly. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

Since the last executive meeting, there has been a total of $135.05 deposited into the bank account. 5 cents of this total was a donation from Raymond Smith. There is currently $55 of float in the cashbox at the time of writing. These amounts tally with the 7 new members who joined since the last executive meeting. There has been no expenses since last executive meeting.

The assets have not been added up as yet. ACTION: I will ensure Stephen Thomas and I work out a convenient time/date to do this.

COMPLETED by the treasurer: The Humbug bank account details are now on the web site should someone wish to directly deposit their membership fee.

Simon asks how many people subscribe to Humbug general. Stephen does a quick database query and responds that are are 206 addresses subscribed.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, passed unanimously.

Vice President's Report

Since the last exec meeting I was asked by the President if I would be willing to give a membership report. I accepted. So this has now become a part of my report.


So far this AGM our meeting have had on average about 15 people attending. Apart from the one time I showed up 15min late these have started on time and have gone on till midnight. So far we have not had any major troubles or problems. The network connection in Prentice room 212 has been resolved.

Meetings Rosters

I have tried since the last Exec meeting to get volunteers to help out with opening and closing the meeting. So far I have none but I feel that this is due mostly to a lack of effort on my part rather than a lack of willingness of members. Stephen Thomas did offer to send me the volunteers from last year but as I already had them and I wanted to start afresh so I said no.

Room Bookings

As instructed by the UQ's room bookings department I resubmitted a request for room bookings next year (they had asked me to get back to them in November). So far no response. If I do not hear back from then by early next week I'll chase them up.

Membership Numbers

We have currently 31 members of which 7 are new members. Since the last exec meeting there 7 people have joined up of which 4 have been new members.


I was contacted by two people in regards to Humbug.

The first was from a couple that attended Humbug. They asked what I felt about how Humbug could become more Ubuntu centric. I informed them that while Humbug as a group was OS agnostic there was nothing to prevent them from giving Ubuntu talks and setting up a Ubuntu special interest group. So far I've had no response back from them.

The 2nd was in regards to a possible attendence. I gave details of the meeting and what we do.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, passed unanimously.

Librarian's Report

Excalibur (linode)

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, accepted unanimously.

President's Report

Item 1 - opening the private lists

This proved a very contentious issue - I confess to not realising just how contentious it was. Just opening up the current lists as I had original proposed was strongly opposed by most of the committee. I was equally determined that I wanted to do something to make the operations of the committee more transparent, so what followed were, shall I say, fairly robust discussions that went on for a while. In the end a compromised was reached that everybody seemed to be happy with.

The existing lists have been be kept as they are, but new public equivalents have been created. They are:

Needless to say you are all welcome to join those lists if you want to. You can also also inspect the archives at the above URL's at any time.

I also said I would close inactive lists. Total posts over the last 12 months to various lists are:

My feeling is all bar general should be closed. Anybody else want to put their 2c in?

Item 2 - reassignment of committee roles

The idea here was to align the job descriptions of the elected committee with the tasks that the actually have to be done. For example no particular committee member was officially responsible for booking rooms. Now there is one. Hopefully this means if say the rooms aren't booked you will know who to blame at the next AGM and vote accordingly.

There was some discussion about whether the jobs should be allocated the way I planned. In the end it seemed best to ask each individual committee member if they are happy to take on the tasks I put in my nomination. They are now all happy to do so.

This is a bit of an experiment, of course. It remains to be seen whether if it works out. At this stage I want to give it a year - possibly more if we decide to reshuffle things. However, once it settles down I am hoping we can change the constitution accordingly.

Item 3 - committee reporting

I undertook to ask all committee members to give reports at each committee meeting. To my surprise all committee members endeavoured to do just that - despite the fact they hadn't actually formally agreed to take on their jobs yet. You will find their reports in the minutes.

The only person who didn't do that was me. You may recall I undertook to give a brief report on how all tasks and reports were done. Since no tasks or reports had been allocated at that point, this was rather superfluous.

Item 4 - Meeting times

I had some grand plans here - but no doubt you have all seen Matthews posts to general on the subject. My idea was to ensure the night owls could stay as long as they wanted while not forcing those normally responsible for locking up - the committee, to be night owls themselves. Right now Matthew is doing just that using the old system, so there is no need for any changes.

Now we come to the pointy end of the report. This is where I say what we promised to do at the last exec meeting, but hasn't happened. The list is:

Outstanding items for the Treasurer - Mark Ellem:

- treasurer to put details of how to deposit into the humbug account on the website.

- Get Scott's old key.

Actions for the Librarian, Stephen Thomas:

- Steven to put previous list of deputies on the wiki.

Actions for the President, Russell Stuart:

- Endeavour to get Excalibur moved to a new home.

In relation to this last item - it is in progress. We actually have a new temporary home we can call our own, but the environment it different to the one we are using now. It requires some work to make the existing VM run on it.

MOTION raised by Matt to accept the report, accepted unanimously.

Non Executive Reports

Sysadmin Team

Talks Liaison

Events Organiser

Other Agenda Items

Email addresses on home page

The notes for this agenda item were provided by Matthew.

Discussion: Russell wants discussion on closing emails. He thinks that currently we have too many email lists feels that we could quite easily close a few. He gave suggestions on this explaining that there was very little traffic on blipvert, csig and talks. He also explained that most of the traffic on dsig was him. There was a general agreement on this.

Matthew indicated that the only item on the talks list was his and said he felt it was a useless list. Since this was not going to be a motion today we very roughly covered the topic. Simon asked how many people subscribe to humbug general. Stephen did a quick count and found 206 addresses.

After a bit more discussion (Probably more than Russell would have liked) it was agreed that information about how to use the email lists should be posted on the web.

ACTION: Post help information to the wiki to help people use the lists more effectively. (I think I agreed to do this but I'm not sure. either way I'm quite happy to do it.)

ACTION: Have a discussion on general and at the meetings about closing some of the lists.

Minutes is there a better way of doing them?

Discussions on the layout of the minutes resume. Clinton agrees to pretty them up somewhat, and to push towards using a copy-and-paste template for future minutes.

Should we contact OSDC to see if we could help/sponsor them

Mark raises the possibility of Humbug helping out OSDC.

MOTION rasied by Mark, that the Treasurer approach OSDC's chief wrangler, Stephen Thorne, with an offer to provide money, people, time or whatever other resources Humbug can provide. Passed unanimously.

ACTION: Matthew to mention OSDC on the Humbug web page as a form of cheap advertising for OSDC.

Organising who is opening / closing meetings

Russell suggests that a simple round robin schedule is written up, and any problems can be sorted further down the track. No objections.

ACTION: Matthew agrees to write up the schedule.

Matthew agrees to take over keeping the list of financial members up to date, to even out the exec workload.

Excalibur Move

Russell talks about moving excalibur from linode to Netbox Blue. Mentions that there is currently an option to temporarily transfer the excalibur image to a spare OSDC machine until the Netbox Blue box is ready. A fair bit of back and forwards ensued over whether this was a good idea.

MOTION, raised by Clinton, to delegate the decision of whether or not to transfer excalibur to the OSDC box or wait for the Netbox Blue box to the sysadmin team. The motion was passed unanimously.

Mandriva world wide install

Simon brings up the point that the 12th of December meeting coincides with the Mandriva world wide install fest.

Next Meeting

A rough consensus was reached that the next exec meeting would be held in the first meeting of the new year, the ninth of January.


The meeting was closed by Russell at a quarter past three.

Uncompleted Actions