Executive Meeting 1/5/2010


Meeting is opened at 14:30 by 1/5/2010.



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Executive Reports

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report

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Current Summary Position

'Income and Expenses:' Since last exec meeting we have had the following income/expenses:

Anticipated future expenses

I expect the expenses of HUMBUG to be minimal, on the order of the odd speakers meal and for sundry items. There may be some expenses related to HUMBUG participation in linux.conf.au 2011, but this is to be decided by the Executive of HUMBUG.

As we no longer have ongoing Caliburn traffic expenses, which did have some impact on money growth in the account, I believe the account will continue to grow as new and renewing members pay fees to HUMBUG.

Vice President's Report

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Librarian's Report

There have been no changes to the HUMBUG library, however Matthew Franklin has put forward a motion to throw out our now very old magazine collection (they are currently at his house). I see no need to keep them myself, but a vote for what to do has been added to the agenda of the exec meeting.

President's Report

Here is my Presidents for the period ending 2010-04-30.

Committee reports submitted for the last Exec meeting (06/02/2010)

Outstanding items from the last minutes


Non Executive Reports

Sysadmin Team


Talks Liaison

We have had one talk from Ben Martin which was about Libferris. Humbug Meta is being running by Clinton but he has had very little interest so far. However it's only been 2 meetings so far.

Events Organiser

Nothing to report.

Other Agenda Items

Removing Magazines From The Library

The Library currently resides at Matthew's Place. The magazines are a large part of the Library both in weight and in size. Matthew feels that while the books usually contain useful information the information within the magazines quickly goes out of date. He wants to reduce both the space and the size of the library. He is willing to help transport them to anyone that wants them if the motion is passed.

Downloading Of Backups

The backups are working from Amazon. Greg Black and Russell proved that it was working last Humbug meeting.

Internet Quota

Simon brought up this issue of internet quota. He said that he felt that 10G is not enough. He asked if that was an account for only one person. Russell said that we have a Staff account which gives us that quota.

getting the account alone. Matthew felt that they shouldn't ask however said that maybe we should provided we do it the right way. The person handling our room bookings and account is Del Malloy. Russell said that she would be the person to ask.

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Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is on the 21st of August


The meeting was closed by Russell at 15:30