Executive Meeting 07/08/2010


Meeting is opened at 3:00pm by Russell Stuart.


Apologies: None.

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Matthew to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

Executive Reports

Secretary's Report

MOTION raised by Steven to accept the report, seconded by Clinton. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report


There was $40.00 from 1 new and 1 renewing membership. There was also $0.72 of interest accrued in the period since last Exec meeting. This makes a total income of $40.72.


There was $326.00 for a new Linksys WRT610N router and Seagate 1TB external USB HDD to replace the WRT54GL router which was not handing meeting demand. This was bought shortly after the last Exec meeting closed from UMart. Receipt has been provided and monies reimbursed.

There is an outstanding reimbursement for the PO Box renewal of $185.00 to Clinton Roy which has not been settled since last report. I shall endeavour to rectify this situation within the next couple of days.

This makes expenses since last Exec meeting $326.00 in total.

Bank account status

The HUMBUG bank account balance as of 06/08/2010 is $6542.07.

Activity on the account since last meeting has consisted the interest accrued as mentioned in income, a debit of $25.00 from a cashed cheque to Russell Stuart to cover speaker's dinner expenses another debit of $326 for a cheque to cover the new router plus HDD and a deposit of $40.00 from the excess float in the cash box.

I have received from the Secretary a quarterly bank statement which covers transactions from the last meeting period as reported prior.

Current financial position

This means for total cash reserves (cash box and account) we have $6632.07. This puts us at $-260.28 behind total reserves as at last Exec meeting.

As a note, the cash box currently has $90.00 in notes, $40.00 of which will be banked.

Anticipated future income/expenses

Apart from the outstanding PO Box renewal and PO Box keys reimbursement, I don't see any major expenses from now to the AGM in September. In terms of income, a large amount of money will come in from memberships at the AGM of at least around $200.00 which will be the responsibility of a future treasurer to handle.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by Matthew. Passed unanimously.

Vice President's Report

Required Tasks

Meeting Report

Membership Report

MOTION raised by Matthew to accept the report, seconded by Clinton. Passed unanimously.

Librarian's Report


We have a new meeting router and external hard drive added to our equipment list, the details and costs are outlined in the treasurer report. The router supports USB mass storage devices and will run DDWRT/OpenWRT. This was to address our growing traffic usage during meetings, and will be running a caching proxy targeted at large downloads (such as distro ISOs), to prevent them from being downloaded multiple times.



Excalibur is operating normally, there have been no major changes to access or configuration.

I have not had the time to perform a complete test restore -- I will arrange for this to happen this sunday (8th August), and update the mailing list with the results. This report will be ammended if there are any problems (I don't anticipate any).

Our only major issue was our humbug.org.au domain lapsing and renewal notices going to a dead address. This was fixed very quickly by Greg Black and Russell Stuart.


We have 10 currently active tickets, not much work has progressed for this period due to everyone's low availability. No issues (bar our DNS issue, that was dealt with too quickly to be ticketed) were left in a critical state. Work will pick up when LCA systems stabilise.

Membership Database

As with everything else, most of our spare time has gone in to LCA preparation, however a basic Django application has been set up, and by the AGM we should be able to record memberships with it. Any other features will have to wait until we collectively have more time..

MOTION raised by Steven to accept the report, seconded by Mark. Passed unanimously.

Greg asks if Mark Suter has been reimbursed for domain delegation, it appears he hasn't, and Russell will follow up on a request for invoice from him.

President's Report

Committee reports submitted at the last Exec meeting:

The "but was late" remark above reflects the committee's decision at its 2010-Feb-06 meeting to only accept reports submitted in writing prior to the meeting

Outstanding items from the last minutes:

However, it is likely it won't be outstanding as of the next Exec meeting as Clinton intends to get it Saturday morning.

Not much has happened since the last exec meeting. That is perhaps because all of the Executive is on the LCA 2011 committee, and quite a bit has been happening there. The Call For Papers been issued. The submission period will close tomorrow, but if history is any guide will reopen for a short period to allow the stragglers to get their papers in.

Doing the Call For Papers turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Actually doing the deed is bordering on trivial of course, but before you can do that you need a working web site, which needs a working server and DNS entries ... and so on. Thus some of you may have noticed some of us on the LCA 2011 committee working on this during Humbug meetings. We got it all working in the end, but a couple of weeks late.

The next big event in the Humbug calendar is the AGM, which will be held on the first meeting in September. The primary business will as usual be electing the new committee for the next 12 months. I encourage to nominate yourself and your friends for a positions on the new committee. I will be standing for re-election.

As president I will be chairing the AGM. As usual contributions to proceedings from members on the day will be welcome, but with one change. If anyone wants to put a motion to alter the constitution, that the changes and the actual text of the motion in an email to this list at least one week prior to the AGM. This is because I believe changes to the constitution are a fairly serious matter. The membership needs to be given some time to consider them. Hearing it for the first time 10 minutes before having to vote on it doesn't do it justice.

MOTION raised by Russell to accept the report, seconded by Matthew. Passed unanimously.

Discussion of Russell's clarification amendments of the constitution.

Non Executive Reports

Sysadmin Team

Talks Liaison

We Had one talk after the last AGM which was done by me. We should have another this afternoon performed by David Dean about OpenStreetMap.

Russell moves to accept, Matthew seconds. Unanimous acceptance.

Events Organiser

Nothing to report.

Other Agenda Items

Next Meeting

The next AGM meeting is the 4th of September.


Clinton asked if anyone from the floor had any other business to cover, no one did.

The meeting was closed by Russell at 3:25pm.

Uncompleted Actions