Executive Meeting 02/Oct/2010


Meeting opened at 2:25 PM by Russell Stuart.


Apologies: None

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Stephen Thomas to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Mark. Passed unanimously.

Secretary's Report

I still need to:

MOTION raised by Stephen Thomas to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report


There was $260.00 from 1 new and 12 renewing memberships. This makes a total income of $260.00. This money was subsequently banked.


There was an expense of $3.70 for a new receipt book, paid for by Matthew Franklin.

There is an outstanding reimbursement for the PO Box renewal of $185.00 to Clinton Roy which has not been settled since last report. I shall endeavour to rectify this situation.

This makes expenses since last AGM $3.70 in total.

Bank account status

The HUMBUG bank account balance as of 01/10/2010 is $6862.07.

There has been no activity on the account apart from the deposit of the $260.00 mentioned above.

Current financial position

This means for total cash reserves (cash box and account) we, have $6912.07. This puts us at $256.30 ahead in total reserves since the recent AGM.

Anticipated future income/expenses

None to note.

MOTION raised by Mark Ellem to accept the report, seconded by Stephen. Passed unanimously.

Vice President's Report

Required Tasks

Meeting Report

Membership Report

MOTION raised by Matthew Franklin to accept the report, seconded by Greg. Passed unanimously.

Librarian's Report

Nothing has been done. I intend to move that we discard the library by making an announcement on announce@ to say that the library will be made available at some specified future meeting (on a date to suit the outgoing Librarian) and the members will be invited to take whatever they want, with the remainder donated to Lifeline.

I would also like to see the Exec discuss the idea of changing the Librarian position to Sysadmin.

MOTION raised by Greg Black to discard the library, seconded by Mark. Passed unanimously.

MOTION raised by Greg Black to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

President's Report

In short, nothing much has happened. That's mainly because we have yet to have our first Exec meeting since the AGM.

However, nothing much doesn't mean nothing at all.

On the LCA front, a provisional conference schedule is up. This was Marco Ostini's (an old humbuger) responsibility, and he and and helpers got it done and on time:

We currently plan to open by the start on Monday the 2010-10-03. If nothing else, this means the web site must be solid with most of the information delegates present and easy to find. Stress levels are raising accordingly. Since most committee members are in some way related connected to Humbug, expect us to be a little pernickety for the next few days.

One other thing is happening. As you all know we holding a LCA competition. Currently the ball is my court. I have effectively taken on the responsibility of the promoter, meaning I have to somehow get students to enter. I have contacted lecturers at the three Uni's in Brisbane. Some have agreed to put up slides I have to create for them, some have invited me to address their students at their lectures, some have expressed no interest, and some have not answered the phone as yet. I honestly don't know how well this will turn out. I hope we will get lots of students, but two is also a possibly. (We have two regular student attendees now.)

Nonetheless the dates are set. The students can turn up at either our 16th Oct or 30th Oct to join our meetings, chat to us and our judges. AJ has agreed to be a judge, and Ben Martin will as well if he doesn't end up overseas at the time. I will try and arrange talks for those two meetings. One of them may be me. If so it will be a highly technical talk that I have given elsewhere before. Not exactly the best talk for Humbug perhaps, but the BE (software) students probably won't mind it. So put your badges on, chat to the students, be patient with whoever is doing the talks, and hopefully there will be more of us in the future.

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the report, seconded by Stephen. Passed unanimously.

Sysadmin Report


MOTION raised by Greg Black to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

Outstanding Action Items from previous minutes

General Business

Greg puts forth motion to disolve library and offer it to members.

  1. Assigning Exec roles.
    • Librarian to become Sysadmin
    • Vice President responsible for membership
    • Treasurer unchanged
    • Secretary unchanged
  2. Standardised Reports.
    • Mentioned earlier
  3. PO Box Key.
    • Stephen will handle on Oct 4.
  4. Membership drive.
    • Work is still underway, scheduled for the next two regular HUMBUG meetings.
  5. Re-visiting Excalibur home.
    • Needs to be discussed with Stephen Thorne.
  6. Insurance.
    • Russell will talk to John Ferlito to see if LA have any plans. Matt will contact insurance agencies to see what our options are.
  7. Ensure Wiki page for each Exec role is up to date.
    • Russell, Greg and Stephen will work on this after the exec meeting.
  8. Wiki page to be displayed during meetings ('who we are' / general about page):
    • Matt will work on this.
  9. Meeting announcement script.
    • Sysadmins will work on getting an announcement simmilar to the one we used to have.
  10. In 3 'meetings' time there is no room available, a social event instead was suggested.
    • Russell will organise this.


Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is pencilled in to be held at 2 PM on Saturday 11/Dec/2010.


The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 3:10 PM

Outstanding Action Items