Executive Meeting 05/Mar/2011


Meeting opened at :30 PM by Russell Stuart.



Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Mark Ellem. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

Summary of club finances of all sources from 11/12/2011 to 05/03/2011

Current bank account balance: $6766.58. Current cash box balance: $50.00

Opening Balance (Bank account + cash box): $6816.58

Income from all sources: $20.00 Expenses: $0.00

Closing Balance (Account + cash box) as of 19/02/2011: $6836.58

Description of activities

Income consists of 1 renewing membership, making the total $20.00.

As far as I'm aware, there has been no expenses made during this period.

Activity on the bank account consists of a direct deposit of $20.00 for membership mentioned above and the cashing of the cheque for the PO Box renewal.

Other business

Excess float of $61.05 has been banked. There is now $50.00 in float in the cash box.

MOTION raised by Mark Ellem to accept the report, seconded by Russell Stuart. Passed unanimously.

Vice President's Report

Meeting Report

Membership Report

MOTION raised by Matthew Franklin to accept the report, seconded by Mark Ellem. Passed unanimously.

President's Report

This is my second Presidents report for this term.

Committee reports submitted at the last Exec meeting:

Briefly, things that have happened in the last 3 months:

  1. LCA 2011 was held successfully, despite the weathers best efforts.
  2. UQ O'Week activities. Macro suggested we hand out some left over some Schwag from LCA. He then managed to put us in contact with the school administrators at ITEE. In the mean time Clinton got in contact with the a UQ computer club. Between them we got ourselves in front of two ITEE O'Week induction classes, and on an O'Week stand at market day. Clinton did almost all of the leg work on the 3 days. A big thank you to Clinton.

Finally, the next exec meeting is this Saturday, the 2011-03-05 at 2 PM, just prior to the normal meeting. All are welcome to attend.

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the report, seconded by Matthew Franklin. Passed unanimously.

Outstanding Action Items from previous minutes

General Business


Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is pencilled in to be held at 2 PM on Saturday 11/June/2011.


The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 2:50 PM