Executive Meeting 11/Jun/2011


Meeting opened at 2:15 PM by Russell Stuart.



Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Mark Ellem. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

Not submitted.

Vice President's Report

Not submitted.

President's Report

This is my third Presidents report for this term.

Committee reports submitted at the last Exec meeting:

Things that have happened in the last 3 months:

1. Room booking for July..Dec 2011 have been confirmed.

2. PO Box has been moved to the UQ post office. This was done because

3. This wasn't done by the committee, but deserves mention nonetheless.

The next exec meeting is this Saturday, the 2011-06-1 at 2 PM, just prior to the normal meeting. All are welcome to attend.

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the report, seconded by Matthew Franklin. Passed unanimously.

Outstanding Action Items from previous minutes

General Business

Arranging for bank statements to be emailed

Getting a wheeled box / troll

Postpone rest of meeting


Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is pencilled in to be held at 2PM on Saturday 25/Jun/2011.


The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 3:05 PM