Executive Meeting 25/Jun/2011


Meeting opened at 2:30 PM by Russell Stuart.



Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Stephen. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

Summary Position

Bank Balance: $6786.58 Cash Box: $90.00

Income since last Executive Meeting: $40.68 Expenses since last Executive Meeting: $148.00

Total Position (with income and expenses): $6769.26

Description of Activities

There has been 2 new memberships totaling $40.00 and interest on the bank account of 68 cents. We have also bought a folding trolley to carry equipment for $49.00. There is also the expense of yearly rental on the new PO Box at St Lucia which is $99.00

MOTION raised by Mark Ellem to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

Vice President's Report

The numbers don't look good. I am projecting at this time that we might get about 23 members before the next AGM down from 42 members last year.

We started out 16 less then what we had last year (29 vs 13). This time last year we had 6 new members with a total of 41 members. The results for this year are 2 new members and a total of 20 members.

Most new and renewing memberships happen at the AGM. So the numbers are really dependant on the AGM. If we get low turnout this year we will have less members for next.

MOTION raised by Matthew Franklin to accept the report, seconded by Russell. Passed unanimously.

Sysadmin Report

MOTION raised by Greg Black to accept the report, seconded by Matthew. Passed unanimously.

Outstanding Action Items from previous minutes

Arranging for bank statements to be emailed

Getting a wheeled box / trolley

General Business

Payment alternatives

AGM Voting

covered in constitution by proxy votes



Next Meeting

The next Executive meeting is pencilled in to be held at 2:30PM on Saturday 09/July/2011.


The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 03:10 PM