Executive Meeting 1/Oct/2011


Meeting opened at 2:24 PM by Russell Stuart.


Apologies: None

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

MOTION raised by Russell Stuart to accept the previous minutes, seconded by Clinton Roy. Passed unanimously.

Allocation of Roles

Sorting Out The Membership

Russell is suggesting that we send out membership renewal notices. Greg suggests that we send out a renew notice now and then one at the end of the year. Russell said that is exactly what he intended. He ask Matthew to setup the spreadsheet and to draw up a list of people that we needed to email.

Room Bookings

We need to get the room bookings done. Matt to draw up dates, create email and then send to Russell. Russell will then pass that onto Del at ITS to make our booking for us.

Bank Account

Russell says that we if we can get 5% interest on our bank balance then we would earn $350 per year which is about what we earn in membership. Currently our account is not setup to use that kind of interest. We would need to have $10,000 be we could. Russell wants to see if we could find a bank that would give us that interest.

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Closed 2:45pm

The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 2:45 PM