Executive Meeting 1/Oct/2011


Meeting opened at 2:20 PM by Russell Stuart.


Apologies: None

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

Presidents Report

This is my first Presidents report for this term.

There we no reports for the previous exec meeting, as we had to allocate ourselves various tasks. We should have a full set of reports for tomorrow's meeting.

We allocated tasks to ourselves as follows:

Russell: Sysadmin. Matthew: room bookings, membership spreahsheet. Clinton: Treasurer.

Significant things in the last 3 months:

- Bank account signatures transferred. - Membership reminders emailed out. - Xmas dinner held at Neo's Pizza. - Room bookings for the next semester done, and up on wiki.

We have received a number of membership renewals via direct deposit. We hope to be sending an acknowledgement to the people who renewed like this soon.

Secretary Report

Treasurers Report

Sysadmin Report

Backups available (these must have been sighted):

Date a backup was tested by a complete restore from backup only:

Percentage of disk space used:

List of packages that aren't up-to-date security wise:

Any major configuration changes since the last exec meeting:

Changes to schedule of people with access to the box:

General Business

Term Deposit

Russell has gone to Commonwealth Bank and has got a deal with them to transfer $6,500 of our $6,979.85 into term deposit earning 5% per year.

Exec Meeting Times

Clinton has asked that Matthew publish the Exec meeting time in the announce email. Matthew said dooh. Will do in future.

Next Meetings





The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 2:45pm