Executive Meeting 2/Feb/2012


Meeting opened at 3:10 PM by Russell Stuart.

Exec Present:


Apologies: None

Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

Presidents Report

Reports submitted to previous exec meeting:

Presidents Report: done and accepted. Secretaries Report: done and accepted. Treasurers Report: done and accepted. Sysadmin Report: done and accepted.

Things that have happened since the last meeting:

1. We have transferred most of Humbug's funds into a 6 month term

2. LCA. Some of the Exec attended LCA, and caught up with a lot of

Secretary Report

Treasurers Report

Mailed out 3 online bank transfer reciepts. No other expenses. 47997 2 interest deposits for 2 cents. A direct deposit from Simon.

Sysadmin Report

Backups available (these must have been sighted):

Date a backup was tested by a complete restore from backup only:

Percentage of disk space used:

List of packages that aren't up-to-date security wise:

Any major configuration changes since the last exec meeting:

Changes to schedule of people with access to the box:

General Business

Next Meetings






The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 3:30pm