Executive Meeting 18/August/2012


Meeting opened at 2:30 PM by Russell Stuart.

Exec Present:



Regular Agenda

Accepting Previous Minutes

Presidents Report

Reports submitted to previous exec meeting:

Presidents Report: done and accepted. Secretaries Report: done and accepted. Treasurers Report: done and accepted. Sysadmin Report: done and accepted.

1. Room bookings. The provisional allocation we had has been confirmed,

2. A dinner and a movie was organised for August 4th. Clinton, William

3. The AGM date has been set for September 1st, 5 PM - ie the meeting

Secretary Report

Treasurers Report

Sysadmin Report

Backups available (these must have been sighted):

Date a backup was tested by a complete restore from backup only:

Percentage of disk space used:

List of packages that aren't up-to-date security wise:

Any major configuration changes since the last exec meeting:

Changes to schedule of people with access to the box:

Other notes:

Just a note to those following these reports: based on my experiences with it installed on my laptop IMHO Debian Wheezy isn't ready for prime time yet. Admittedly my problems are mostly GUI related:

Most of these are upstream problems that will be fixed upstream because of the impending release.

Regardless, GUI related or not, upstream at fault or not, Debian Wheezy isn't up to the standard I expect of Debian stable and I would feel uncomfortable installing it on a production machine. This is hardly surprising of course, since Wheezy isn't Debian stable, it's Debian testing.

General Business

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The meeting was closed by Russell Stuart at 02:52pm